Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oi!Familia! And the week of Mother's Day

Oi Familia! 
(mom can't seem to figure out the fonts and colors on this blog!)
What’s up!

Wow, so good to talk to you guys; it was way fun! You all look amazing!! hahaha I think it is so funny that I had Darin take his shirt off. hahahahaha.

Well, wow so much has happened this week! It was a way good week. Well .. actually.…yeah it was . Difficult but way good. Where to start...
Well, we had transfers. So I live with the zone leaders, the APs, and the District Leader, and then there is me. haha They like to tease me about chain of command and stuff. It’s way fun. One of the APs is Elder Mardiquele. He is a native from Mozambique. He is wayy fun. I love having a native in the house, I feel so much more African! But yeah, it’s way fun to have all those guys in the house, way easier to obey the rules now. We had a house inventory last night. It was sick. It’s going to be a great transfer. And next transfer well be awesome too and then we will finally be a mission! And then all the dang confusion can stop with Mozambique. You guys have no idea how bad it is. Like, because of confusion and mis- communication, blank has been hitting the fan ever since I’ve been here. The work will move so much faster once we become a mission.

So yesterday, there was a dispute kinda at church about the spirit world. Just in one of the classes. Let me tell you, you gotta know your doctrine because every one looks to you! haha Whew I was glad I knew so I could settle it right then and there! Mom and Dad, thank you so much for teaching me the gospel. Oh how I have taken that for granted. You grow up like that and you think that every member just knows it. But, no. Out here you are constantly teaching. Whether it is investigators or members it’s a constant teaching and strengthening; and just talking about doctrine; it’s fun. haha Lately Elder Brown and I have been talking about some deep stuff. Things that we don’t necessarily have exact answers too. haha Blows my mind. It got me curious, so I read the whole Pearl of Great Price. Dang! That is some scripture! Like straight up holiness right there. And the facsimiles in Abraham. holy cow!!! I was studying those and I was like this is nuts! This stuff is way too sacred! It really made me miss the temple. So mom, when I get back, you and me are going to have a long long talk in the temple. Enough said.

So this week our area kind of tanked. All of our solid investigators are moving or getting divided into another area. So Elder Brown and I are back to the drawing board. But the Lord is blessing us. We’re getting in to some RICH houses, and honestly, we don’t like knocking doors, but one day we planned on eating at this restaurant that looked like a new fast food place that was opening. Well, we went there and it was closed. So we went on a food searching adventure. We went to all the close markets and just nothing. However, as cheesy as it is in “The Best Two Years”, the grocery store is one of the best places to find people. So, no luck with the food part though. So we walk around, finally we come to this place called Hotel D and D. It’s on the coast, and the sign said that it had a place that made burgers at the top floor. (bull crap). So we walk up to the top floor which is the third floor and ... like che! This place..... dang! So we go up there, look at the menu... FREAK. I’m not even going to tell you the prices, but we were starving. Elder Brown’s like you in? And I’m like what the heck this is for the experience! So we ate in High flying Style. Like, way high. I swear some of the richest people of Angola eat there! I didn’t get any pics of the inside but I did of the balcony. It was way fun.

So some of the members have found out that they like my voice. My singing voice specifically, cause one time we were in one of their cars and I started singing the country song, Time is Love and they just freaked! Like they were in awe. So now it’s always "Sing Elder Tingey! Sing!" haha It’s funny. They love it when I sing American songs. Like yesterday, Mila asked me to sing Backstreet Boys. haha It was funny. And they love it when the Elders sing Book of Mormon stories and the do the motions. They love it for some reason.

So you know the Elders in the house like to tease me about everything. Yeah, like how I don’t have any authority in the house and what not. But the also like to tease me about my looks. Yeah its kinda funny. First, they said I look like Anakin Skywalker, and then everyone in the house rated me a 9 or a 10 on the looks. It was really weird. hahaha. A bunch of dudes rating my looks. haha So Elder Brown tells me sometimes to turn on the charm and flirt to convert. haha jk! Just turn on the charm to get us in the house to talk to the family. What can I say?! I’m charming eh?

So... what else, Oh as I was walking here to the cafe, I saw everyone in the street and on the side of the street screaming bloody murder, running around, grabbing everything they had and running. I thought some one shot a gun. But no, it was just the police walking through. Yeah that’s how corrupt they are. Needless to say the people technically were breaking the law by vending on the side of the road. But... the police just like to walk through and steal things when they do that. Bribes man. Part of African culture…as Elder Mariquele says.

Well.. I think that’s the rap. Oh shoutout to Elder Walker. Love you trainer! It was sad to see him go. We had a good bonding moment before he left. Ah ,and now the thompson’s are leaving this week! Gosh!  Anyway, hope everyone is well. Dad love the SkyJump place. Btw, I found some good places to put one here. Can’t wait to go down there when I get back. Last week of school?! Not even! Wow! TIme is flying.!

Well, loves to all!
Elder Tingey

The Week of Mother’s Day

May 13, 2013

What up everyone! So this email will probably be short because a I'm typing on an ipad and typing huge things on an iPad is just dang frustrating and well, I’ll be talking with my number 1 fans today! 

So this week was a little haha tough because I was just getting excited to talk to you family! And you know me when I get excited. I get excited! Like jumping and bouncing off walls literally! But none the less, we worked really pretty well this week. On Tuesday we had an 8 lesson day! Like the whole day filled up to the brink! Record. And then we set 5 baptismal dates this week. What up! Doing work in Benfica! I was really scared that I was going to leave Benfica this week because of transfers but I’m staying Woo! with Elder Brown heck yeah! And guess what? The new ZLs and AP's will be living in my house! Heck yeah! Guess what that means ..... our house gets a car! For the APs that we will totally use to get rides with them to church and p days! It's gonna be sick. I'm stoked! 

So funny stories. Met two crazy people this week. Sooo funny! This one guy starts talking to us in crap Portuguese and then broken English and then some African language and then at the end of his crazy sermon to us he goes in Portuguese "Glory to God! Preach the gospel! " hahaha Yep, ya got the right idea buddy, it just needs a little work! 

Then we went to president’s this week to pick up Elder Brown’s package and right before we walked in I realized my name tag was gone! Dang it! I was so mad and then we walked into president’s and they had company from South Africa! I was so embarrassed. Yes I'm Elder No Name, nice to meet you! So I'm using my magnet one that I hate. Sister is ordering me a new one though. Alright I'll finish this later I'm going to call you! 

Well sorry but I got to go! President is on my tail to get off! arg. cao! I love you! 

Elder Tingey 
At the house
At the restaurant

Faith being tried on the miss!

Love these kids!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Don't Back Up, Don't Back Down, Full Throttle, Wide Open!

May 5, 2013

Aaah freak man, I miss country. DAD you’ve made me so proud! Country music is where it’s at! haha Elder Chandler asked about my pillow case and I told him they were all country songs and he didn’t know some of them because they are so new. Like “Cruise”. Love that song. hahaha He had me sing it. Oh it felt good to sing that song and then he’s like, “Dang man I like that! So now, mom, I decided I’m dropping school and everything when I get back and pursuing country singing. hahahaha jk I wish. One day, in the next life maybe when they have celestial country music. Oh how sick would that be?!

So this week was pretty dang good. We did work. Love doing work and seeing small successes. It’s awesome, and then the Lord will bless you with electricity for the whole week and it’s awesome! Thats when you know you’ve got the good life in Angola. Did you see the pics of my house? Dang nice huh? When there is energia. So Tuesday, I was like “Man we are going to work our butts off this week. Boom! Blessings more than we could receive. Free rides from people, people asking us about the church because they had been in another country and wanted to go back and ah! We got so many new investigators this week! That day was just a blessing. Oh funny story; I went to the atm to get some money for the two weeks and I pulled out 180 dollars, which is 18,000 kwanzas, and it gave it to me in a huge stack of 200 kwanza bills! I was ticked! It is such a big stack! I was like are you kidding me!!!! But, oh well, good for taxis.

So we are teaching a total of 3 families now! Like, legit married in the government. It’s sick! Arnaldo is cool. We set a baptismal date with him and his wife! His wife is pregnant. But I’ll probably be gone before they get baptized. I’m probably going to leave Benfica here next week. I’m sad about it. Aah, I just feel like I put my heart and soul into growing this area and now that it is a million times better, I have to leave! gosh dang it! Oh well, as long as the fruit is harvested by someone it’s all the same. Our area is so legit now, like we have 3 people planning to get baptized and tons more investigators with huge potential! And 3 families! Idk, for me, I just see everyone like they can receive a testimony and get baptized. Some other elders get discouraged and are really negative when an investigator has a strong opinion about this or that, or they have a problem with one of the commandments. Oh ye of little faith! With God anything is possible! Those people, if they are willing to turn their lives around, will be the strongest members! The zone leaders are having training on being positive, which I am very grateful for. I’ve been talking to them a lot about it and they’ve been asking me for ideas and what not on how to present it. But yeah. Hope, as I learned from a conference talk is ... ah shoot, I forgot all of them. But one thing it said is that “Hope contains patient perseverance and optimism.” Sooo true!

So President Thompson’s release date got moved up. He leaves in two weeks now. Sad. But life goes on. So President Kretly will come for a little while and then we have like 2 and a half weeks alone till President Merril gets here. We’re gonna die!!! haaha No were not. Quite honestly, a missionary shouldn’t need to be watched over. We should all be responsible and good and what not. I kinda had a moment this week were I was dealing with an investigator with some problems and I just realized..” I know why I’m here in Angola.” Like, I know why I’m specifically here in Angola.” It was awesome. Then I made a new resolution that I’m just gonna be the freaking best missionary I can because I had a moment of just reflecting on my mission. I’ve felt like I’ve done a good job but I feel like it’s been a (excuse the french) half _$$ job. Like, I can do so much more. So, that’s kinda the reason for the subject of this email. (No literally look up at the subject. Awesome line ya? Don’t back up, don’t back down; full throttle, wide open….Jason Aldean baby!)

So, unfortunately, Rita’s daughters did not get baptized this week. I was really really sad. But, they will be in two weeks they said. Freak! I want to go back to that area! I’ve been calling Rita a couple nights a week, just to encourage and inspire. She’s falling backwards cause she’s not reading the Book of Mormon! People!!!! I don’t know how many times the prophets and the missionaries have to say it but read the Book of Mormon daily!!!!! You have no idea how much it will bless your life! I was a witness at the baptisms and that was pretty cool. Man, the spirit was so strong and I just couldn’t help but have this huge smile the whole time. We had 15 baptisms. The work is going! After it, they had a testimony meeting and so many talked about how they got their answer in their dreams. Dreams are such a HUGE part of African culture. HUGE. Sometimes they go over board. haha but its all good.

So this week this one random dude called us. Elder Davis had given him a pamphlet like way back in January. Just goes to show that no effort is wasted. Anyway, we went over and he wanted to know about the ten commandments so we went over them. And he was like, okay, adultery. What is that? So we explained. Then he looks at us wide eyed and he goes “Is that a sin?!” And we’re like, “yes it is.” and hahahaaha he got the funniest look on his face like he had just been condemned to hell. haaha wonder what he has been doing....haha. That’s a big problem in Angola. Guys have like 3,4 women and families with them. ah! Causes problemas!

So no, mom, I never learned what sickness I had. It was just a virus sister Thompson said.  So, we are skyping/ facetiming on Monday at 16 my time, or 4 o’clock. So that’s 8 in the morning your time. Okay! Be ready! I’m way excited! I was looking at my calendar this week and all of the sudden I just missed Babes really bad. Babesy, I love you!

So, I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon a lot lately; in English and Portuguese. I’m almost done in English for the 3rd time on my mission and I’m in Mosiah in Portuguese. Portuguese is fun. King Benjiman is awesome!! I love that guy. Just laying down the beef! haha our branch president who is the coolest biggest deepest voiced black man you’ll ever know says beef when he talks about the scriptures it’s awesome. haha. Dang guys, I love this branch! I don’t want to leave! Maybe I’ll stay. Who knows.

Okay, well, I love you guys to death! I gotta go!

(You get tired and you don’t show it, dig a little deeper when you think you can’t dig no more, that’s the only way I know.)

com muito muito muito amor, (non of this mucho stuff)
Elder Tingey

Pics of our House!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dang Girl!!

Dang, Girl!!

Mom. I love you. You make me smile. This week one night I was just sitting in bed and I went to bed kinda early and I just started singing songs like that; the one about the clouds. Aah, very refreshing.

K, all I have to say is I’m am a dang proud brother right now; like holy freak my sister was lookin’ FINE at prom. I was like, che girl! Like whoa!

Dad, thanks for the pics of Costa Rica! Haha that one with the pole in the middle of the road was funny. I’ll have to send you guys some pics of Angolan roads sometime. Always traffic. Like always. Takes forever to get to places.

This week was a heck of a lot better than last week. Like, a million times better! Work work work and life is good. So we got this new investigator who literally looks like Usher. Like legitly. It was crazy! He is so sick. He speaks English and he’s pretty familiar with the church already from other countries. Can you say fastest baptism ever? Haha, but they guy is super cool. Gives us rides and everything. Oh haha, I have to tell you a funny story. So he lives with his cousin and we went to the house and he was outside washing something and he’s like just go inside. Okay. Go in. No one’s there. Cool, but the tv’s on. It was some American cable channel. And the room is so small that like the tv’s right in front of you and you can’t do anything about it. Haha, so this show was in English and it was like a super cheap set with like skanky women and one ugly looking guy and I just start thinking to myself " oh crap. Like this is a freaking porno! shoot shoot shoot!" and I’m like Elder Brown, what the freak is this, and he’s like idk dude what the freak. And oh my gosh this was just going on and then Usher came in and he just ignored us and the tv while he went into his room to get something and I’m just like oh this is not good! Well, luckily it wasn’t porno Haha. Just some stupid California Hollywood show and he turned it off right after.
Haha but man I was so scared. Haha the mission man. crap happens. hahaha

On Saturday, I had a division with Elder Chandler and holy cow, my mind was blown! Such a good missionary. I learned sooo much. Just new techniques to teach to contact and to just talk with people. It was really good for me. Elder Chandler is really cool. He just talks to people like a normal person and just gets to know them and then works in the missionary stuff and integrates it into the conversation and how it can help them personally with such and such. Like, it was awesome. Then, on Sunday we watched General Conference finally. We had to wait for the church to send us discs. It was good. Little hard to concentrate when it’s in Portuguese. It was cool to get a mission shoutout from an apostle. Haha, the pictures that they showed, I was like, wait a second, I remember when President Kretly had a Zone conference with us about that in February and showed us those pictures. It was cool.

My language skills have been going through the roof lately. I’m getting pretty darn good. A lot of the Elders are amazed. (If I do say so myself, haha!) Elder Chandler at the end of our division was like, “Man your language skills blew me away today! I couldn’t do that when I was in your position!” The Lord is truly helping me.

So Rita’s not getting baptized this week anymore. I’m kinda ticked about it. I wish I was in the area again to work with her. But her daughters Gizella and Telma are getting baptized this week. I’m stoked about that. They’re rocks in the church. Telma especially. I still remember the time when she told us how she got a testimony of the Book of Mormon and I almost cried.

Hmm, what else happened this week... lots of contacting. Lots of weird people. Haha, people telling us that because we have pictures of Christ we’re breaking one of the ten commandments. Angolans man... think they know the scrips. Obviously, they have a little bit of a learning handicap. I mean look at the country. haha before the war, things were a lot nicer here. The Portuguese actually had this place running pretty well. OH! someone broke into our house this week. That was kinda cool. It was in the middle of the night so we all got up. The guy took off. Probably freaked cause 6 Americans were about to be on top of him!

Oh, I got a letter from Troy this week! Woo! Thanks man. I love your family. and Anna is so cute. I bet its fun to be a dad!

I can’t believe you guys only have 3 weeks of school left. What the heck! And, I hit my 6 month mark in two weeks. Weird. Well, I love you guys. Sorry, my email last week was horrible. It was a bad day. Mom make sure you keep that country music for when I get home. ahhh I miss it with a passion. That is my addiction of choice and it’s a good one to have haha. You guys rock! Keep up the obedience and the blessing will come! Love you all!

Elder Tingey