Sunday, April 6, 2014

trabalhamos duro

March 31, 2014

Hey family. glad life is good. darin you forgot to send me your pics of the HUGE party you had on friday at the house-i mean..... uh nevermind. haha

good job marissa in cali. looking at those pics i remember when austin and i went to cali that one year to watch. sooo fun! disneyland. saudades. okay not really. but just being on vaction is what i really miss. 

well lets start off by answering dads questions. i have elder rigby (who is my comp) in the house. he is the youngest in his fam. he is from a tiny town in idaho. has a brother on a mission in hawaii and he is very humble. good guy. oh and he was the first 18 year old in our mission

then we have elder fontain. the tallest missionary in the mission. he is from west jordan utah. he is the biggest fan of Disney that you ever saw. he is really fun to talk with. and he is the actor/director and producer to all of our star wars reproductions. haha quality guy. he came in one transfer after me. 

then we have elder hyde. former ap. he is from bountiful utah. very hard worker. loves business. so we talk business a lot. good guy. 

and then me. our highest paid player. and well to put in modestly, the all-star. and thats our line up for the huambo dream team. (cheer and applause please) hahaha okay disregard this last paragraph. 

this week. we taught lots of lessons. talked to a lot of people. worked really hard every day and none of our investigators came to church. ugggg (cmon everybody big sad sigh on 3!)

ugggg the internet just went out for like 30 min. so annoying. but yeah 

so yep we gotta  keep working praying and studying. go go go. the lord doesnt raise quiters. so yeah it was a tough week. however looking at the bright side. one of our less actives that we are working with came to church on time. usually she comes in the 2nd our (along with the rest of the branch) so that was brightening. 

giovania gave a talk this week on the book of mormon and did wonderful. i was proud. i also spoke. i spoke on repentance. 

oh i forgot to answer one of dads questions. mosquitos. they are definately here. but i just ignore them. i sleep under a net. because we sleep with the window open. i dont take the malaria pills... and havent since... my first transfer. i may be asking for it but.. oh well. 

this weeek we were walking through the bairro ( the really poor area) and this little girl like 2 years old looked up at my and just had this scared look on her face. (probably the first time she had seen a white guy) but i just gave her a huge smile and thumbs up and it took her a second but she gave me the biggest smile back and it just made my day. the little black girls are the cutest. 

well i love you guys. ill send some pics too. ate proxima. 

Elder Tingey

Fun weekend in Lubango (not loo bango but loo bong oo )

March 24th   

well family thank you for your emails this week. Mom i loved yours. ;)

first off. i am soooo jealous of your mexico trip. its sounds like you
guys had a blast. especially marissa! Hannah i wish i could have been
there to be part of the sand castle building crew. Great leadership
skills you have little sister! and for some reason babes is getting
prettier. every time I see a picture of her im like geez louiz! of
course hannah and marissa are just as beautiful. and darin is
unfortunately attractive and buffer than me. but hey! im working on

well my week was very fun. we were here in huambo for 3 days teaching
lessons and saving souls, you know how we do. we were about to break
last weeks record but president took 3 days out of our week. but it
was worth it!

we woke up at stinking 5 in the morning to catch a bus to lubango. but
this bus ride was soo much better! we had a bigger nicer bus and we
took a different route that was ALL PAVED! sooo nice. so we arrived in
lubango about 3 and then elder money and i took off to go teach a
lesson and then bounce to our leadership training meeting with
president. elder money is a great guy. way fun. our meeting was going
good and presidents like wow i think this is the first meeting we have
had in here with light. bad statement president... bzoooouuumm light
go out. nice. so we had the rest of the meeting in the dark but hey it

then the next day was saturday and we spent the whole day with
president and sister merrill. we had 10 missionaries living in the
lubango house so that was pretty fun. but we went to a place for lunch
that was pretty good. i had a pizza that actually tasted like usa
pizza! okay not completely but some of the best pizza in angola i
would say. then after that we had a 4 hour zone conference at the
chapel which was really good. at then we went to dinner for sister
merrills birthday. and let me tell you. it was THE coolest restuarant
that i have ever been to in............yep.. in my life.
soooooooooooooooooooo africany.  i had crocidile, and zebra and onyx
and all kinds of meat from african animals! super cool. we are
definately going there on our return trip to angola after the mission.

next day was sunday and we went to church which was good. then after i
did a division with elder dunkley. way cool kid. love the guy. He’s
from texas.. guys... i might want to live in texas. but we will see.
elder clifford and i were talking business and the resturaunt and i
kinda of want to be in arizona as well. but that’s way down the road
after college.

then we got up at 5 this morning and took a bus back here to huambo.
I’m super tired!

sorry not to many spirtual experiences to tell this week. but i love
you all! Aunt Fawn thank you for your email! keep up the good work!

Elder Tingey

ps i forgot to take my camera to the restuarant so i dont have any pics :(

Great Week!!

March 17, 2014
well hello family! 

glad to know you are all doing well. Mom thanks for updating my blog (i got a story for you about that)!

well first off happy saint patricks day! Angola has no idea what that is.... but yah. 

also today is kind of a sad day. my hommie from az finished his mission and went home today. elder tilley! well actually he went to luanda today. he goes home on wednesday. but still. great guy great missionary. huambo will definately be different! now i have to fend for myself against the utards ;) but yeah definately invite him to dinner. 

so elder rigby and i did work this week. we pulled out some record numbers this week for huambo. so that was a good feeling. i wont write our numbers because... well i just get upset when talking about numbers. some missionaries think they are cool because they got X number of lessons. okay well lets look at the quality of those lessons. okay ill shut up about that now. 

so do you remember giovania? recent convert. and i am soooooo proud of her. literally i swell with pride. so we took her to a lesson with us... holy cow i was blown away. less than a month after baptism and she already teaches better than me! you could really feel the spirit when she spoke. the other elders took her to a lesson too and said the same thing! we took her to a few more lessons with us and she was amazing. then she taught the lesson in relief society and in branch council they couldnt stop talking about how great she was! what a champ! i was such a proud missionary. okay now im going to boast a second. because i take huge pride in this stat. but none of my recent converts have gone in active. 

actually marcia, my recent convert called me this week. told me she got officially engadged. ring and everything. i already knew they were going to but still it was way cool. the guy she is marrying is such a stud. like..... just way awesome. so happy for them. they are getting married in september and they threatened me that if i didnt come... well they basically said i HAVE to come. so i hope i can! 

some funny things that happened this week. Ngeve, a less active that we teach who loves us now, well we were at her house and we invited her daughter to sit in on the lesson with us becuase she is not a member... and..... she could use the gospel(i.e. law of chastity) if you catch my drift, in her life. so we taught them the law of chastity. Ngeve paid lots of attention and loved it. her daughter however... didnt really care or pay any attention. so at the end i asked them if they had any questions. they both said no, so i said something like are you sure? and then the daughter asked, actually all i want to know is if your eyes are naturally blue? ................................. dang it. thats not the right question!!!!!!!!!!!! yes they are and my skin is naturally white too thank you very much now can we get back on subject?! elder rigby died laughing. president probably reads my blog and with every one of these instances my time in huambo probably gets shorter and shorter... :/ hey its not my fault.. blame my parents. 

next story. sooo we are walking down the street after talking to a crazy guy and we saw this white woman on the other side of the street walking her dog. okay nothing weird here. there are plenty of white people in huambo (thats actually not a joke) but then she has a little bit of a different look about her.... something familiar... and im like elder rigby.. that lady looks american... serĂ¡? so i hollerout tudo bem?! and she responds tudo bem. and then i say falas ingles? (do you speak english) and she responds yes im american. Che!!!!!! so we basically run over to the other side of the street. an american an american! haha anyways so we talk to her. she lives here with her family (husband and kids) and they are missionaries for the church of Christ. so thats cool. she is from cali, the bay area. so weird.... but way cool! and then she asked me if i had a blog and i said yes and she said yeah i think ive read it before. so you never know who is reading this...... dun dun dun. 

then the relief society had an activity on saturday. then were "remembering" slash acting out stories of women in the bible. and.... unfortunately for me... they asked me to be Jesus. so... i was Jesus for the activity... little awkward. they had me dress up and everything. im too scared to send pictures home.. i look more like pharoh more than jesus.. but the activity was good. we had 4 investigators come to it so that was sweet. 

then yesterday we had a lesson with this family we contacted during the week. we taught them the plan of salvation. probably one of the best lessons ive ever had with the plan of salvation. the mom just loved it. and she was so happy that we knocked on their door and  taught them the plan of salvation because "something was just missing" (oh those magic words every missionary loves to here) so i hope that they progress... and something really cool happens with them. i be prayin. 

also fernando our investigator who is the humblest man i have ever met in my life. which is so cool because he is huge! if he were younger i would have drafted him in the nba. but anways he is going to be getting married of the 4 of july and then baptized shortly after! so im pumped about that. great week. great experiences. 

thats about the week! 

also yes yes yes to Tingey 1 and Tingey2 fam reunion after the mission. tem que ser. (it has to be) 

also dont have to much fun in mexico without me. write me a letter while you are on the beach. well i love you guys! 

Elder Tingey