Sunday, April 6, 2014

trabalhamos duro

March 31, 2014

Hey family. glad life is good. darin you forgot to send me your pics of the HUGE party you had on friday at the house-i mean..... uh nevermind. haha

good job marissa in cali. looking at those pics i remember when austin and i went to cali that one year to watch. sooo fun! disneyland. saudades. okay not really. but just being on vaction is what i really miss. 

well lets start off by answering dads questions. i have elder rigby (who is my comp) in the house. he is the youngest in his fam. he is from a tiny town in idaho. has a brother on a mission in hawaii and he is very humble. good guy. oh and he was the first 18 year old in our mission

then we have elder fontain. the tallest missionary in the mission. he is from west jordan utah. he is the biggest fan of Disney that you ever saw. he is really fun to talk with. and he is the actor/director and producer to all of our star wars reproductions. haha quality guy. he came in one transfer after me. 

then we have elder hyde. former ap. he is from bountiful utah. very hard worker. loves business. so we talk business a lot. good guy. 

and then me. our highest paid player. and well to put in modestly, the all-star. and thats our line up for the huambo dream team. (cheer and applause please) hahaha okay disregard this last paragraph. 

this week. we taught lots of lessons. talked to a lot of people. worked really hard every day and none of our investigators came to church. ugggg (cmon everybody big sad sigh on 3!)

ugggg the internet just went out for like 30 min. so annoying. but yeah 

so yep we gotta  keep working praying and studying. go go go. the lord doesnt raise quiters. so yeah it was a tough week. however looking at the bright side. one of our less actives that we are working with came to church on time. usually she comes in the 2nd our (along with the rest of the branch) so that was brightening. 

giovania gave a talk this week on the book of mormon and did wonderful. i was proud. i also spoke. i spoke on repentance. 

oh i forgot to answer one of dads questions. mosquitos. they are definately here. but i just ignore them. i sleep under a net. because we sleep with the window open. i dont take the malaria pills... and havent since... my first transfer. i may be asking for it but.. oh well. 

this weeek we were walking through the bairro ( the really poor area) and this little girl like 2 years old looked up at my and just had this scared look on her face. (probably the first time she had seen a white guy) but i just gave her a huge smile and thumbs up and it took her a second but she gave me the biggest smile back and it just made my day. the little black girls are the cutest. 

well i love you guys. ill send some pics too. ate proxima. 

Elder Tingey

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