Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dec. 7, 2012

Dec. 7, 2012
So this week was alright. the time seems to be going by faster so that’s good. but good news! we got our travel planes to go to New York on Tuesday! heck ya! im way excited to get out of here even if it is just for a day. but we fly out Tuesday night on a red eye and we’re in New York on Wed. and we go to the Angolan consolate and then fly back Wed night I think.

k wow Paige put here papers in already?! what the heck! why did no one tell me?! geez losers tell me stuff. but that’s actually super awesome and excited! Megan im so excited for you to get your call! I can’t wait to here where everyone is going! PORTUGESE speaking come on!

Dad, k your letters are awesome! I love hearing about everything! It’s so exciting and I wish I was there with you! And to answer your question, no we don’t have culture classes here which is a huge bummer. we just rely on teachers who have served there. Which for me is no one. but some have had companions from Angola. I’m sure it will be very interesting over there. Grandma Stoker thanks for the candy cane stuff and the awesome junk food! It seriously was awesome! Thank you for the note, but seriously enough with the little notes telling me you love me, just write me an actual long letter telling me about what is going on in your life! Grandpa Stoker I enjoyed your Dear Elder thank you.

K so listen to this. missionaries here have a bad habit of trying to be super spiritual and righteous and they want to show it and prove it. so this is what they do. They stand up during the singing. whether its in sacrament meeting or devotional or a fireside. oh its so innappropirate and they even speacifically say don’t stand up during a song unless told to do so. it ticks me off if you can’t tell.

Oh hey btw is my plaque up yet? if so take a pic and send it to me. and if not well Bishop Kempton better be gettin on it otherwise im gonna write him! So this no music thing at the mtc litterally kills me. Literally. somebody send me a pocket sized english hymn book so I can sing to my self and know all the words. Please! I’m dying. Also I’m going to send my ipod home. I need you to LOAD IT UP with good stuff. Rob gardner stuff too please. I love that stuff.
I’ll send my memory card home soon. but only if you promise to take all the pictures off and send it right back IMMEDIATELY.

Alright I guess I’ve complained enough.  here is some cool things. did you know that harry potter, is basically portuguese? All the spells are portugese and Voldemort - it’s a place in portugal called valley of death. anyway. Oh I want some brown ties for christmas please :).

So I’m really blessed in my life although I haven’t really acknowledged it right now but I really am. So much family and friends who love me. I was talking to elder O'malley the other day. (British guy) and he was telling me about his life. (oh yeah he’s the new district leader that replaced me). but no one in his family are active except for his dad and one older brother. and I think he has like 7 siblings and his mother died when he was 15, and his dad has gone blind. (oh his mom was active before she died). it just amazed me. The trials people go through and still come on there missions, now thats faith. Honestly, I love all of you, but there is no way I’d still be out here if I didn’t know and have my own witness that the gospel is true. While I’ve been here at the mtc my testimony of Joseph Smith has grown sooooo much. I really want to meet him in the after life. He is just amazing. Just him alone and ALL the horrible things he went through and never denied the gospel and also always gave his full effort to establishing the church for the last time on the earth is just so powerful. He truly was an amazing man. Watch Joseph Smith the prophet of the restoration. If you don’t cry at the end of  that... well then im sorry for you. Joseph Smith really Saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. and restored this gospel here on the earth for the Final time. I know it with all my Heart.

I love you all. Please write me.

Elder Tingey

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