Monday, March 18, 2013

Last two weeks: The Mish and Another House

The Mish

bom Dia para todo mundo,
Hey family, friends what’s up?
I’m frustrated that this computer is so slow. Like really, it’s
ridiculous. Tech in the U.S. sooo nice. Anyway, my week... was a rough
one. Thank you mom for praying for me (and I thank others as well).
I learned that I’m really just not a good communicator sometimes; especially when the other person isn’t a good communicator as well. So basically I’ve been frustrated, and trying to humble myself constantly. Ha I think Darin will go through a lot of what I’m feeling when he is out on the mish haha. The mission just teaches you so much stuff; gives you so many experiences to learn from. Kinda crazy that I’ve been out for 4 months.

Mom, thank you for the two packages of spices and sauces (the two small white ones). Ha I was a little down that there was no note or letter in the first one. Haha, I was, like, “Ah dang it! 14 bucks all the way around the world and no note!” But it’s okay Elder Davis made me be grateful. Ah I love Elder Davis! He’s my district leader (and he lives with us) and he is just awesome. He goes home in two and a half weeks and I’m dreading the day. haha I really don’t want him to go. When we go on divisions together It’s awesome. But really it doesn’t matter who you’re with when you’re teaching people and the lesson just goes well; the joy you feel is the

Speaking of lessons going well...... Rita’s family came to church
again yesterday! Whahooo! Did you guys get that picture I sent of
Lucas? So we had a lesson with them again yesterday. It was the
Restoration again because we hadn’t taught that to two of her
daughters. So we taught that and basically Rita was teaching it with
us too and just spot on with every point! Quite honestly, I think the
lesson was more for Rita. So anyway, long story short, I asked them all
if they would be baptized on the 20th of Abril, I mean April. And they
said YES! Finally!  Whaooo! So now, Rita and all of her daughters (over
8) will be baptized on the 20th! I’m sooo excited. I love that family
sooo much, they are just champs. Telma is amazing; going to seminary, all
the activities and stuff, and just is awesome! That family is going to
be awesome members. I’m going to be really sad if I get transferred in
two weeks. And I’m going to literally cry if I get transferred to Huambo
or Lumbango and I can’t see them be baptized. Like for real, cry. I love
them sooo much! I’m coming back to Angola to baptize Lucas. I already
decided! Haah. But yeah, that’s my week in a nut shell.

Oh Elder D, my MTC companion, apparently, is really sick. They think he has malaria or dung fever or something like that. He’s living at presidents right now. He’s miserable. Poor guy!

The language is really doing a lot better this week. Glad to know everyone is well. Hahaha, Mom your letters keep on gettting shorter and shorter. But I know you’re busy, and tired. I don’t blame you. You rock! You’re the best mom ever and I love you so much!
Everyone CTR!!

Com muito amor Africano,
Elder Tingey

Another House Again!

Well Hello America!
Well, we moved back to our original house this week! sooo much closer to our area and we have water and energy! Yes! I took a shower the other day and I totally forgot we had hot water in that house! Such a baller (slang word for really good basketball player—which translates to anything as “awesome”) shower! But yeah, not much has happened this week. Unfortunately, my comp got sick. Lovely. And I think he is giving it to me. My throat is starting to kill in the mornings! But I like our new house. We are back living in Benfica and we’re with 4 other missionaries. I’m glad Elder Davis is in that house. I love that elder! This is his last transfer. He only has like 3 weeks left! nooo! I don’t want him to go home! Whatever though.I’m learning to work with people. Correction: live with people 24/7!  It’s hard! Like, you don’t even do that with your wife! NUTS. But I’m learning lots of things. 

Troy you wrote me! And about that book, turns out the old mission president left it in our house and wants all the elders to read it. So I read it. haha already. Took me a week just in my spare time at night and in the morning and at lunch and dinner and stuff. Good stuff. Just FYI for everybody it’s like a how to deal with people and win friends by Dale Carnagie. It’s got great stuff in there. But the hardest part is applying it!! ah! whateves.

I think yesterday was the best day of the week. Rita’s whole family came to church! Oh my gosh I was sooooooo excited! And they were on time! A member picked them up! Oh what an awesome member Marcela is. She literally looks like Opera Winfrey. Like they’re sisters, I swear. But anyway, yeah the whole family came and they loved it! Rita’s oldest daughter, Gezella (who is the mother of Lucas my favorite kid in the whole world) has a baptismal date! And Telma, the next one down is awesome! She’ll have one here soon. Rita is soooo close! Can’t wait for that whole family to get baptized. Lucas is my favorite. I swear I’m coming back to Angola in 3 years to baptize him when he is 8. Ah I love him! I’m gonna send a picture of him. Haha he had me take him around and introduce him to all the missionaries yesterday. That kid is such a stud!!

Letters are always appreciated! Thank you Troy, Clara, and Austin for the letters!

Coolest thing we saw today! So we were playing Futbol this morning and a government helicopter flew over circling us and these guys are all dressed in black, masks and everything, just standing outside the helicopter on that platform with these rifles in there hands. Ha! sooo cool. But that’s the government for ya here! Well, sorry this one is so short! I’m going to try to send pics so yeah. I love you all. EVERYONE choose the right! Be good members for the missionaries. I might send another email if I have time. But ciao for now!
Elder Tingey

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