Monday, April 8, 2013

Praise to the Man!! Well, the Elder! Elder Davis!

Praise to the Man! Oh my favorite Elder Davis left for home today.
that guy is a stud! Seriously, I learned soo much from him about all
aspects of the mission and life. He cared so much about people and his
love just shined through him! Not gonna lie, I was pretty upset when he
left. I was dreading his last day. He left at night and I gave him
one last hug before he took off to the airport. Man, Dude I was on the
verge of tears! But I held it together! I went and took a shower after
that  and I still held it together. I got out of the shower, dressed
and then went to my desk. What I found on my desk was just a simple
thing that Elder Davis had done, but it had a powerful and very personal
effect. After I saw that, I lost it. I was a wreck for about an hour.
Ah! Soo hard to see him leave! But for real, he was and still is a
champ! Ah love that man!

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