Tuesday, April 23, 2013



whats up family?

Well this week. Not exciting at all and you all are going to hate this letter. This week I was in bed from Monday to Friday. Yeah no work got done.  I was sick with a fever all of those days. And I lost that 12 lbs I gained!

I’m more famous again. That picture went so viral on facebook that the government got involved. They had a meeting with the church and we were really scared that they were going to close us down; because they have done it to a number of churches here. But, everything worked out and we’re fine.

Dad do you know continental outdoor media? They’re all over here. Just wondering if you knew them. Glad things are starting to move in Costa Rica. Yeah dude, that import biz there is like how it is here. There is serious dough in it. Illegal though, half the time.

Yeah Mom, we don’t sleep with nets. idk. (I don’t know why). It’s not like the mosquitos are crazy rampant. Honestly, it would help for the heat if we could open the windows. No we don’t use any repellent. the mosquitoes just are bad. people at the mtc make you feel like if you go outside youll die. when they havent even been here. Yeah, I haven’t been eating that much meat, but I will eat more this week. I don’t like cooking it.  It grosses me out. haha.
 family. where are your accounts for skype and facetime.

have a good week
Elder Tingey
Elder Davis & Me!

The streets where I walk

                                                                    My hommies


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