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Calme-se! June 4, 2013

June 4, 2013
its okay people. its okay. shhh. everything will be alright. yesterday i got on to email and 15 min in the server for the whole city went down. sooo we couldnt email. dont worry i still love you all! and im emailing today. so goodmorning :)

Hello familia! Whats up! So first things first, mom it’s okay if there’s not stuff on the memory cards and sticks. Whatever, I just want them. Yes, perfect, the 32 gig cards and then two thumb drives. Perfect. I don’t think they will open it if you send it in the small ones like you have been doing. Just send like a t-shirt too and wrap those in the t-shirt. Yeah, send some cash in between the cards. I was thinking about that this week. And President Kretly talked about how we need to have a reserve fund. So yeah. Btw, I got your package of the spices this week. Thank you. But now, don’t send anymore spices. I’m good. And I also got letters from the Beehives (thank you!) and from Troy. Troy you rock! Seriously, like best writer ever. How’s the job situation? And you have the cutest family ever! You look like such a happy father! I can’t wait! Haha and yes, for sure about living by you because of a (something, something) haha I’m down.
Catie!! Ha! Salt lake! Dang that girl hasn’t written me once on the mission! Somebody find out her and Brooke and Emmy’s emails. They all told me that they were going on missions but idk what happened after that!
Ha, mom you are so cool! You watched all the Fast and Furious with Darin! Wow. Haha Elder Brown and I saw the movie poster for the new one. It looked cool and so did the one for The Lone Ranger. You are such a cool mom. But yeah, Darin you better read a ton of scriptures after that. I’m scared to watch movies when I get home. I think I’m going to invest in Clearplay. Seriously.
Dad have you heard of Continental Outdoor or Big Media? Those are the big billboard companies here. And wow, they are exploding. I’m seeing new billboards pop up all the time!
Okay so my week. Wel,l President  Kretly came this week and we had an all day training on Friday and then on Saturday we had baptisms and such. Brazilians….. idk about them. Haha no jk. It’s so difficult being on the other side of the continent and and trying to run things over here. Let’s just say its not working out that great. It’s actually quite a long story that I will tell you when I get home. But the Brazilian couples fed us after the trying and we all got sick that night. Everyone. Same thing happened last zone conference when they cooked. Sooo yeah. I think Sister Kretly got kinda upset at that. Well,  Elder Brown and I have a new fire in us and we found like 5 families to teach in one night. It was sick. Although I think I’m ready to go to a new area. Eventhough I love Benfica.
Funny story time!! So we’re contacting and we were walking and everything was going great. I’m happy, the people are happy, and were contacting the houses down by the coast. And this one guy was outside his house and I smile and waved and said tudo bem?! (the most common Portuguese phrase ever… ) and he flipped! He started yelling at me and telling me that tudo bem is for kids and all this and did he look like a kid. Blah blah blah. He’s like “am I older than you? Am i?” and I was like yes… and then he’s like then you show me some respect!! Like just went off on me. Elder brown is just sitting there like oh che. Haha and I was like but everyone says tudo bem don’t they and he was convinced that it was just for kids(and this guy wasn’t even like well-off or anything. And he was like 30 yrs old max) anyway I told him sorry and to have a great day. Then I walked away.. but man, if I wasn’t a missionary I would have laid some Portuguese throwdowns on that guy! Oh I was restraining myself sooo much. I wanted to just rip into him and tell him he was a stupid Angolan who didn’t know Portuguese. That’s pretty common of them actually. They don’t speak it right. But I didn’t. So I guess this story is for Darin. HahHhahahaahahaha!
Another funny story. We were at Irma Dove’s house. She is a great member whose story is amazing. She is a champ. Anyway her “kids” were playing in the dirt and then they started to jump on us and get our clothes all dirty and she got mad at them and told them that we had to wash our clothes all by ourselves. Haha and her oldest son started telling his sister “yeah they don’t have a woman to do it for them!” hahaahahaha it was sooooo funny everyone just busted up.
Spiritual experience time. So Saturday Elder Brown and I went out contacting. Our whole day had fallen through. Which was way annoying. So we went to go see an old investigator. He wasn’t home. So then we walked a little bit and didn’t know what to do so we asked each other. Since both of us didn’t know what to do we knew we needed to pray. So we did. I offered the prayer. As soon as I started to speak this guy came out of his house and was like che como entao! I finished the prayer and then he’s like were you praying for me?! Haha and were like yeah! So we talked to him and got his contact info and what not and he’s got a family and all that jazz way qualified. So then we walk around the corner and I get the ever so slightest feeling/thought to knock on this door. Obviously, it was the spirit. So I knocked on this door. And boom! Golden family, married, don’t have a church, have cutest kids, good work, smart guy, wants the best for his family. I’m just like oh my gosh, I have the best thing possible for your family!!! So anyway from there on out we just found families after families that night. It was Saturday so that helped. Haha one house had a ton of balloons so I was like oh it must be a birthday. So I was like Elder Brown, go tell the person Happy Birthday and he’s like idk they’re probably going to get mad. But I was like. no, come on. Haha, turns out it was this man’s 2 years old’s bday. Haha She was so cute and as we showed interest in them and excitement for the baby his heart was softened and he invited us in to talk and have cokes! Legit huh? So people, the Lord does answer prayers. Just remember to show your faith. How do you show faith? By action!
Well, that’s pretty much my week…. We went to the Reedy’s house today. An American family! Wow, I felt like I was in the states again. It was weird. And I played basketball and freaking beasted. Like holy cow unstoppable :)
I heard the MTC is freaking nuts now. Crazy! Glad I’m not there! Wow it’s June. What the heck?! Weird. Wel,l I love you guys like crazy! Fica bem. Amo voces.
Elder Tingey
PS. Im a Portuguese beast now. Haha jk. But for real.

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