Saturday, June 29, 2013

Missionaries (Elder Tingey) sang (country songs) as they walked and walked and walked

May 27, 2013
Missionaries (elder Tingey) sang (country songs) as they walked and walked and walked
Spin from “Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked and Walked”

Oh my gosh. You are all at the cabin. JEALOUS. mas tudo bem. I'm in Africa HA! Marissa thanks for all the videos and the pics. You give me a little piece of home and I appreciate it! Man summer has officially started for you guys! Ha-ha Darin I loved the story about the teacher. Ha-ha way to be.... ha-ha except next time do it more nicely. But I know you have a heart.

This week we walked bwe. That mans a heck of a lot. So dang much. Basically cause our area tanked and all of our flipper amazing investigators moved! Whatever, they're still on track for baptism. But yeah this week was basically straight finding, which is probably the worst part about missionary work. So you gotta make it fun some times. Like go in the super markets and look for cool things. Super markets are gold mines here. That’s where all the married are! So we go there and always get some good contacts. "the grocery store" Best Two Years anyone? anyone?

Well, some cool things happened this week I guess. Finally got to sit with the one guy named Valsco. I've been trying to get a time with him for like a month. Finally was able to.   His house is amazing. Huge swimming pool in the back yard with a trampoline and I'm just like whoa.. haha you guys are like what...? I know but to see that here in Angola you’re just like wow. And some crazy guy started following us that said he could speak 6 languages but really he could only speak... nada. Seriously though.

So needless to say... I gave the first vision like a bazillion times this week. And I pray that each person I gave it to will feel the spirit and act! Always remember to act peeps. Faith is where it’s at. Belief and action. Speaking of action, we were at a member’s house for lunch yesterday and they are just awesome. I love Sundays here because it’s when we see the members!! Anyway, it was kinda weird because... well, we were just in the presence of a family. Like a church family sealed in the temple and what not. OH such a good feelin!!!! Like you have no idea. You don’t realize you miss it until its gone! But yeah, so good. Anyway, I was talking about action. The members are so awesome because they act. They try their best to fulfill their calling and keep the church functioning and growing.

Hmm what else. The APs went to Huambo for the weekend... so that's cool I guess. Well, that’s basically it folks! Stay tuned for our next show on Monday next week. Previews coming up next: " A missionary out in Africa, preaching the gospel (scenes of me walking in Africa, talking to people with a bom (Book of Mormon) in my hand"), 5 people will accept the invitation to baptism, but will they change their lives to prepare for this grand experience? Tune in next Monday to find out" (next commercial) hahaha that was fun. Okay love you all. How about you do a family writing while your all together and then send me them in the mail. Yeah!! K love you all!
Elder Tingey

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  1. That song is very beautiful, I heard it once in our church and I love it.


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