Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Independence Day!!!!Luanda Angola Mission!! Woohoo

INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!! from mozambique!

Yes Yes Yes! hahaqhahaha I’m soooo happy we are on our own now! 

Oh so much has happened. I’m for sure going to miss some things and I don’t even know where to start! Well, on Friday Elder Brown and I went to go see more of our area...... and we walked and walked and walked...... and walked. Let’s just say we were out there! And we didn’t even leave our boundaries! We went to where they slaughter cattle.... like it was out there! Then on Saturday we had a baptism for Scorinha so that was cool and ... (drumroll) then the big man in charge, President Merrill strolled on into ANGOLA! It was soo sick! I’m soo excited that he’s here! and ah!This week is going to be so sick. Mission conference for like 3 days. And we have people from other provinces staying in our house! party!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha jk. Anyway president told the APs that all the missions should have ipads by next year....... we’ll see. I’m trying to not get too excited... (!!!!) What a cool time to be a missionary! I am blessed! And to be in Angola! I hope we start opening up more provinces because there are some groups of like 70 people in some areas that are just study groups. How cool would that be to open a place like that up?! I want to.... 

Guys, I don’t even know what to say because just so much happened and I can’t even give you a glance of it! k the Costa Rica place looks sooooo sick! Like oh! I want to go! One day we will open one up in Angola, and soon all of South Africa! 

I see that mom must have updated my blog because I got a lot of emails today... haha. Thanks guys! and Stokers, I got your poster! Thank you so much! You rock! Liza Jayne, thank you for praying for me you little cutie. Speaking of little cuties, Brittany had a baby!!! oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy cow!!!! I can’t even believe it! like what the heck.?! Brittany, I felt like my whole life you were always an adult and grown up but now that you have a kid it’s like... whoa when did you grow up? I didn’t have time to read all of your emails but I took pictures of them and will read them when I get home! 

Funny story about Elder Fontian, a really funny elder who is one transfer behind me. Anyway at soccer today,  he pulls out a plastic American flag and sticks it on the field and says “In remembrance of our independence day as a mission and July 4th this week, we are all going to put our hands over our hearts and sing the star spangled banner. hahaha So we all lined up and sang it! hahahahaha! and it was good! And the Angolans that were playing with us were just like “Oh these Americans hahahaha! AMERICA! 

Let’s see. The work is going. It’s going. Remember that girl I wrote about last week..... trouble. ugh. Stupid teenage girls. They’re dumb and just want attention and want boys to love them. bleh bleh bleh. Don’t worry people, nothing happened with me! So now, were trying to teach a teenage girl how to be a good girl. Haha. We haven’t even had a lesson with her yet. But I already gave her a “For the Strength of Youth” and I swear the first thing we’re talking about is law of chastity and dating before 16. I’m throwing all expectations out on the table. I ain’t messen’ around! 

Well, to be quite honest, this week was pretty tough. I freaking love Elder Brown. Such a good comp. We are getting pretty close. We have had some good deep talks. One night we were waiting to meet an investigator (who never showed up) in the middle of nowhere so we could see the stars pretty good. Yeah, we waited there for like an hour and just talked about life. It was way good. He has been helping me a lot. 

Anyway, I love you all! Thanks so much for all your letters! 
 Elder Tingey

Greatest investigator ever!  She has the best attitude. Everyday is the best day ever!

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