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July 8, 2013 First Week of the New Mission

July 8, 2013
First week of the New Mission

Hello Mundo! tudo bem? 

First off, thank you troy for the letter! Good job on life and being such a great dad! And yeah pouch mail is like the worst thing ever invented. And since we’re our own mission now I’m never gonna see those letters. Sorry but thanks bro! And mom I got your packages! Both of them! Thank you! They arrived fine but there was a little problem but I knew it would happen. The popcorn butter leaked which I figured would happen. But don’t worry I cleaned everything. 

Aunt Cheryl I read the email you sent. Thank you for sending that! I’m glad everyone is doing great and that Tyler is looking more acceptable ;) he told me he would write me twice while on the mission since I wrote him twice. Well I hit 8 months this week.... just a reminder. Preferably one letter/email one year and the other the next. Thanks Ty. Don’t have too much fun with Darin at efy! Oh and yes aunt Cheryl I know I have the BEST mother in the world. She is Amazing! 

Holy cow I’m soo jealous of your summer! It sounds soooo fun! Costa Rica sounded like a blast. And Marissa thank you for the pictures! but Marissa.... che,..... holy cow..... like whoa...... stop being so hot, or your going to get attacked!! I must say.. Mom and dad did a great job. We probably are the most beautiful looking children ever. Actually the best looking family ever. I showed Elder Chandler the photo of Darin and dad and the water fall and he was like holy cow bro..... yep your dad is totally in the CIA. hahaha! But wow the summer is awesome there! Costa Rica, efy, the ranch..... che.... I miss it so much! I knew the summer would be tough here cause you guys are having so much fun there but it’s cool cause I’m having some awesome spiritual experiences. 

So my week! Well, we had mission conference, which was awesome. I love president’s vision for the mission. hahahahaha basically screw going for such crazy numbers like we were, and keep and follow the spirit all the time and the numbers will follow. Plus, we can’t overload the branches with too many baptisms. That’s not how you establish the church because they can’t handle trying to retain all of them. Let’s strengthen our branches and then grow altogether. LOVE IT! So awesome! I love the Merrils. They are soo like G and G Stoker. Sister Merrill is so much like Grandma Stoker it’s halarious! hahaha I love it. I had an interview with President Merrill on Saturday. hahaha My first interview with a mission president my entire mission! hahahaha. I was like these need to happen often! Anyway, not THAT much work was done this week because of like 3 days with the president but still; we did work. And had a flippen awesome spiritual experience. 

Okay, so his name is Mario. We contacted him and his family like a month or two ago. Totally by the spirit. Anyway we finally are able to sit with him on Saturday. And they are such a golden family. Married, car, good morals. Like perfect. And elder brown and are just focused as ever trying to do the best we can for them and have the spirit testify to them. And so Saturday, we had a lesson with them and before we started the lesson I was just like "you’re going to listen with your ears and see with your eyes but I really want you to feel in your heart. Just open your heart  and try to feel with it. BOOM, Elder Brown and I taught the first vision so well! Not that we taught it well, but the spirit was there just SOOOO strong! Brown and I just testified up the wazzo and gave it everything we had trying to follow the spirit and it was just such a good lesson. I can’t even describe it. I wish you could have been there. And then he’s like, I’m coming to church tomorrow. And HE DID! It was just so good! But man after we got out of that lesson Elder Brown and I just were so moved by the spirit. Once we got around the corner, it was just like YESSS!!! bro hugs, and pumpin fists in the air! Yeah, Elder Brown and I.... we do work. So awesome! 

So I have some more things to ask of you. I think you guys are either too technologically handicapped or just super lazy so I’ll ask you to do it the easy way. There are 3 albums that Elder Hobbs has that I absolutely love. You know why? Cause they’re country. But church country. That’s right! its called a Nashville tribute to Joseph Smith, and they have one to the pioneers called Trek: a Nashville tribute to the pioneers. And one called The Work: a Nashville tribute to missionaries. And holy cow they are the best church country songs EVER!!!! So please buy those cds and send them to me. Or buy them on itunes and burn it to a cd for me and listen to them yourselves cause they are soo good! Well, I love you all like crazy! 

Elder Tingey

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