Friday, August 30, 2013

The Bronx of Luanda!!!

August 12, 2013

Hello Familia!

This week was crazy! Transfers, new people, new area ,new branch, it’s nuts!

But, it’s really good. The city is sweet. We don’t really work in the
city, our dupla (companionship) works just on the edge and outside of it. lots of
barrios. (low-end neighborhoods) but it’s still cool. The people are
more humble than in Benfica. Which is good. We are teaching some sweet
people right now and we have lots of work to do. There are always
people we can have lessons with. Which is good. It’s taking a little
getting used to. In Benfica, things are a lot slower pace. But here it’s
a million miles an hour!

So Elder Montgomery is great. It’s fun to have a comp from the same
city. We have a lot in common and we have a lot to talk about. haha I
think Elder Montgomery is loving talking because he hasn’t talked in
like 3 transfers because his last comp liked to talk. We live
alone which is kind of a bummer but it’s nice at the same time. The other
elders just live a street over so we go over to their house to do
meals together and stuff. Our house is.... probably the worst one
in Luanda in terms of how nice it is. But it has the essentials and so
I’m not complaining one bit! (although at the moment we don’t have
energy... and because it’s an apartment, we don’t have a generator. ) And we
don’t have a water heater, but that’s fine, I just boil water and take
bucket showers. Tudo bem!

The branch is way cool because it’s probably the biggest in Angola and
so it functions! It has people sufficient to have almost all the
callings assigned and yes, things are more organized and I’m grateful
for that. A lot of the members already know me because they have met
me before and my name is Tingey (Uncle Earl). So that’s fun. We eat at
a member’s house about 3 times a week. So that’s really nice. It’s funny
because some of the prominent members that already know me were
talking to me yesterday and telling me their confidential plans about
how they’re going to do things for the church here in Angola. Let’s just
say.... There is a lot of money being thrown around. It’s really cool
to see these members do that. They have the means and they are
basically just giving it to the Lord.
Being in the city was really weird at first. I didn’t know any part of
it and I felt super uncomfortable the first couple of days, but
Heavenly Father has heard my prayers and given me lots of comfort. I
love that he takes care of me out here.

Wow! School has already started! That’s weird! You are all so grown up!

But I’m going to learn a lot this transfer. Elder Montgomery is an
amazing teacher who has so much love for the investigators. I’m excited
to learn. We’ve been focusing a lot on the Book of Mormon this week in
our teaching. It’s so essential people! READ THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERY
DAY!! Seriously. It’s the only thing that can keep you safe. It helps
you remember. (Remember is probably Elder Brown’s favorite word) it
helps you remember what it’s like to feel the spirit, it helps you
remember the commandments, and it helps you remember your covenants
and your purpose here in life. These things are a must!  You will be
lost in life without it!

I had an interview with President this week and after it, he took me and
Elder Montgomery to lunch. hahahaahahaha So we’re in this
restaurant, and there is a TV playing music videos. Oh boy... haha but
so funny. It was so awkward and because of this it was so funny. The
channel was playing songs like "smack that" "I kissed a girl ___ _ ___ __"  and " dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me"
bhahahahahahahahahahahaha! I was like dying, it was soo awkward! Oh the world is
sooo corrupt!  Music vids are of the devil!    Except
country....well most of country. President is awesome though. Love
that guy.  Well, I think that’s pretty much the wrap! Love you!

Elder Tingey

ps. Mom, I got your package thank you! Love you!

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