Friday, August 30, 2013

Blessings! Blessings! Blessings!

Milia - Basically, a little sister

July 22, 2013

Hello family!!! Gosh dang it you guys!!!! This week was so fast but sooo long at the same time. You ask how is this possible??? And then you remember that you’re at the Ranch!!!! The best place and happiest place (don’t tell Elder Brown that) on earth!!! (Yeah it’s better than Disneyland)..... holy freak you guys have no idea the pain I went through this week without the ranch! Oh I miss it sooo sooo sooo sooo much!

But, none the less, we did flippen work! And the blessings came! So Elder Brown and I have been trying to get more involved with the branch and working more together so we had a couple meetings with the Branch Pres this week and... we may become branch secretaries pretty soon, which would be way cool. And the branch really needs it. I would be the financial secretary (booya!) so I’m stoked. I hope it happens soon. But this week we were just teaching families and people up the wazzu! Not really anything out of the ordinary happened just the regular lessons. Although I got some pretty tough questions that I was glad I was on top of my game to answer them! Man, one time I had to explain the fall of Adam and man, people just don’t understand it sometimes, even members at home! I didn’t even till I got out here and studied it. but psh now I’m a master teacher at it! Opposition in all things peeps, remember that! But the highlight of the week was on Sunday. 11 investigators showed up!! holyyyyyy freak! Ana mira, an old cripple lady I love to death who wants to just follow the savior with every fiber of her being, finally arranged a way to come to church! I was soo happy! And then she had to climb of the stairs..... but with the great faith she has she did it! She just kept saying with Jesus I’ll climb these stairs! hahaha the branch loves her. Then we had the Daneilson’s family all show up! I was pumped at that! And then another family came and they just kept coming! It was like Christmas!

And then, lots of our main strong members are all out of the country for some reason so Elder Brown and I got thrown into the nursery... and I had to teach about the Holy Ghost to 3 year olds.... awesome! Hahaha but it’s okay my man Lucas was there. Rita’s family is really doing great. They are going to be such good members when they’re baptized! The hardest ones to get are always the best!

And I need to be transferred; which will most likely happen in two weeks. But it needs to happen. Way too many girls have crushes on me here. Our branch... che, I need out. Too many mocas looking at me! But it’s probably my fault.... my hair is starting to curl.... what can I do.. it’s magical.

You know, I was just thinking about this.. Uncle Steve is old!! Already a Grandpa! What’s up Gramps! Aunt Cheryl, don’t worry you may technically be a grandma, but you still look like a young momma!

Oh my gosh.... ranch ranch ranch ranch ranch ranch... che buddy. Thanks for sharing it with me cause I freaking miss it a ton..

Mom, what a great temple story. Thanks for sharing. I miss that place! Angola rocks, people! Well, I miss you guys a ton. Tanner, dude, your’e coming here, okay? But seriously, let me know where you’re going. Like today, cause I check my email tonight real quick again. Well, I love you guys like crazy! Mom, I got a second set of letters and Babes I got yours too. Like right now. So I haven’t read it yet. Troy I got yours. Way to go with the piano! and thanks for the mission pics. Those are way cool. Love you all and the ranch a ton!

Com amor,


Elder Tingey

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