Friday, August 30, 2013


July 29-2013

Well this week was pretty good. And pretty tough. But it was good. 

I’m glad you all had fun at the ranch. 

Well, I’m just going to go through the week day by day. 

Tuesday we had an awesome lesson with Daneilson and his family. Daneilson is the father. But yeah that whole family is so legit. And we brought President Quiame with us, who is the branch president but will be the Patriarch here someday I swear! Anyway, we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism. It was way good. Kind of like "put your faith and your intent on the line" kind of lesson. He expressed some concern about leaving his pentacostal church and so he didn’t know if they were going to come to church on Sunday. So, I bore my testimony and then challenged them all to pray about the Book of Mormon and they all said they would do it. And then, Sunday came...... and the whole family walked in!!!!!  I was soo happy! 

Not much else really happened this week because a lot of our investigators were out of town. But the district put on a campout for all the youth. It was basically like a stake youth conference. They went camping and such and had a bunch of sweet faith building activities. Elder McCune got to go with his comp cause they had baptisms and they got to baptize them in the river! So cool! I’m jealous. But tudo bem.  Apparently on the campout, the young women of our Benfica branch got talking at night. ( of course) and they rated the cuteness of the missionaries in our branch. There’s 6 of us. Well, trying not to say this too pridefully..... I was number 1. hahaha jk. 

So all during this week we had a plumber over trying to fix our pump so we have to be at the house with him when he does that. Lots of time was wasted. Anyway, the pump kept breaking every time after he left so we would call him again and he would come in the morning the next day. Anyway, we get to Saturday. He was supposed to come in the morning. Elder Brown and I waited..... we put all our appointments in the evening.. and we waited and waited. Nothin. Finally we’re like okay forget this he’s not coming. Let’s go. We are literally walking to our gate when he knocks. gosh dang it! So Saturday was wasted. Sunday was good though. I had an interview with President to help with my rebellious heart that I have. hahaha He’s awesome I love that guy. Don’t worry. I haven’t been doing anything rebellious. I just feel rebellious. Then we had dinner with him and sister. We heard some good stories. 

So yeah, with the visa thing.... keep praying. we heard by word of mouth that the visas were approved. There is nothing official yet though. I talked to president last night.  But were still praying. 

Oh, I gave Elder Hobbs a hair cut on Saturday. My first one ever! But it came out really well. I was proud hahaha and so was he. 

Well, that ‘s about the rap. I learn about transfers next week. We’ll see what happens! It’s crazy.. Austin and Matt are already training... hahaha and we have 30 missionaries in Angola right now... that’s like barely a zone in other missions!  

Love you all!

Elder Tingey

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