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August 26, 2013
What is up family!!

K first off I feel like soooo much is changing at home right now. Like the
first part of my mission, I just felt like life just went on there just
without me and not changing much. HA! but now! So many things are happening with friends going on missions friends getting serious with their lives and settling down it’s freaky! Everything is going to be sooooo different when I come home! So difficult to comprehend! But anyway.. okay Hannah in fourthgrade? what happened there? I thought she was in kindergarten? Like I remember when I was in fourth grade! She is so old and so smart! Oh my gosh!

So my week... we. did. freaking. Work!!! We had sooo many lessons! Soo many! We were like running. I couldn’t even keep up and I got sick on Friday night and all of Saturday. It was bad. So we took Saturday off and it still was a great week numbers wise; probably the best in the mission. Yeah that’s whats up! Me and montG are doin work! So yeah, being sick really stunk. I was up like all Friday night sitting on the pot with a bucket in my lap. One of those great experiences.  NOT But tudo bem now.

The worst was the day that I was sick... was the day of the baptisms. Rita’s family. I was supposed to baptize Rita!  I. WAS. TICKED.  that I couldn’t go. I was livid! I was like, are you serious?! I worked my whole dang mission for this! but what ever they got baptized and confirmed and that’s all that matters. I love the heck out of that family.

Oh before I forget. Matt’s sister got married?! What the heck! Tha’ts too bad. I was hoping she would wait for me :) I can say that now that she’s married! hahaha.

So we were walking in Rocha this week and I saw a pick up basketball game going and we watched for like 15 min and I just got so into the game. I was lovin’ it. I was just itchin’ to get in there! I wanna play with these
guys! Elder montG (thats what his nick name is mont and the you say G )
was like Dude, I’m sorry, I’m no good at basketball. If I were we would go in there and play them right now even in these clothes. So, when I have a comp that plays ball that’s what we’re doing.

So this week it seems like I’ve been hitting a lot of cars lately. Taxis
have just been stupid. They’ve been like trying to run me over and when
that happens I get really ticked and I hit the taxi as hard as I can and its
just a loud WHAM! They never stop!
So I forgot to answer Dad’s question last week. Yes I do write in my journal, like once a week now because we’ve been so busy! but yes I write and I record on the recorder mom sent me. So my journal is a mix of pictures, voice recordings, journal entries and emails home. I’ll compile it all when I get home haha.

So we just got back from going down to the marginal. That was fun.
There is actually grass there! I love grass sooo much and I miss
mowing lawns so bad! Not so much in the heat though. They have a mini
zip line down there and that was pretty fun to play on. And we found a
guy in a BYU hat! haha.  But yeah, that’s about the wrap! I love you

Elder Tingey

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