Thursday, September 5, 2013


September 2, 2013
Hello family. Glad y’all got over your hangover from your Sunday night
parties! So this week was interesting. A full week. Robberies,
stabbings, you know the good stuff. So yeah.

Well, we started off the week good. We are working really hard. It’s
good. We’re busy. Ummm, so yeah we had lessons.

So Elder C and Elder G got robbed this week. Elder C
got stabbed a few times cause he resisted and fought them. So he had
to get stitches. I had a division the next day and went and walked in
the area that it happened in... sketchy area. So they got a curfew of
6 o’clock for the rest of the week. They are fine though. But Elder
C’s stab wounds are pretty gross, but that was a pretty interesting day.

Angola won the basketball championship for Africa. They are pretty
good. I watched a few parts of the games outside the bars with all the
Angolans. It was way fun. We were all getting into the game and all
cheering. Haha good times.

So we have a special needs girl in our branch named Julia. Her
grandmother was a member of the church who took care of her and
brought her to church every week. But her grandmother died, like, a year
ago. Julia is like 30 years old, but you know
still looks like she’s twenty. Anyway, she still comes to church every
week and she is so sweet and we all love her. But this week she had a
pretty bad seizure, she has epilepsy and she went unconscious and
everything so Elder Montgomery and I carried her home and gave her a
blessing. That was a pretty cool experience. It really is one of those
rare opportunities where I feel like I get a sneak peak through God’s
eyes and see how much love He has for all of us; especially his
special ones like Julia.

Grandpa Tingey, I got your package with the shirt! Thanks so much guys! It’s way cool and I love it! Troy, I got your letters and the pictures from
the ranch. Oh those were good pictures from the ranch! I liked the big
family picture, although I was a little bit upset that I wasn’t able to
be in it. Oh well.  Sorry Troy, I don’t think we have a pouch address.
If we ever get one... it will be a long time, cause you gotta
remember. T.I.A. (This Is Africa, or more specifically This Is Angola!)
Nothing moves quickly here, and when I say nothing, I mean NOTHING!

So I have a birthday wish list; if you guys will let me have
one. I want a handwritten, GOOD, letter from each one of my siblings
and my parents. At least one page per person. AT LEAST! Also some
F-301 BP zebra pens. I love them to death and they don’t have them
here. Blue ink preferably. A letter from the Tingeys (next door)
wouldn’t hurt either. So that’s it.

So did Mountain View win this week? How’s school for everyone?

Well, sorry its not much. I really wasn’t in the mood, but love you all!

Elder Tingey

P.S. Super Awkward. Yesterday, in testimony meeting, Irma Lasolet, who is a senator here and a big player for the church here and one of the
first ones here, Anyway, she made me stand up during her testimony to
show everyone that “we are so lucky and it is such a blessing to have
Elder Earl Tingeys "grandson" here in Angola.” Yeah... it was pretty
awkward. And then after, all the members were like, “Why didn’t you tell
us?!”psh idk(I don’t know) I don’t want to make it look like I’m special or that I’m the "Chosen one" or something. Well you know.... people do think I look like Anakin Skywalker...... maybe I am the chosen. Obione Kanobi : "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE CHOSEN ONE!" haha I miss Star Wars!

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