Monday, September 9, 2013

Oh What A Week!!!

September 9, 2013

Well, hello family! First and foremost, thank you all for writing me such amazing emails this week. I really do appreciate it. Makes me happy and helps me not get mad on pdays. haha But today I could not possibly get mad. Wanna know why? Because I just got back from and African SAFARI! Checked off the Bucketlist! So I hope that answers your question mom. Although, disclaimer: not as good as one in like South Africa but I don’t care I was satisfied! K, Flippen love President Merrill. He took us to the safari and then, on the way back we stop at a cool place called Mihadoro da Lua. (I’ve already been there) and then all of a sudden we’re driving and he just pulls off the road, turns around, and takes us to the beach! And it was a sick beach with awesome waves! I loved it! I love the Merrills! 

Okay so about my week... hahaha Oh this week was long. So our house was under construction/maintenance the WHOLE WEEK. And guess what? We had to supervise THE WHOLE WEEK! So, terrible week for numbers but a great week for our house! We got a new water pump! And a huge hot water heater! yes yes yes!!! And lights in all the rooms and all the acs fixed! ahhh I can live normally again and wash my clothes in the washing machine and take long hot showers... life is good. hmm what else. Oh emergency transfers. Elder Chandler and Elder Hobbs came to Cassequel so that’s cool, but threw off everyone’s week. 

On Friday night I was sitting in bed watching a church movie ( cause the workers were working still!) and I get a call and Elder Brown is like, “Elder Tingey, I’m sitting here with Leonel and he wants you to baptize him tomorrow can you do it? And I was like heck yeah, I can do it! So Leonel is an 8 year old kid. Sweetest humblest family I’ve ever taught. They are all members except the mom. They lack marriage. Anyway, Leonel lives in Benfica and was apparently really preoccupied that it had to be me who baptized him! It made me feel so good and I felt that I had set a good example and that he looked up to me. Greatest feeling ever! 

Oh so this week, Elder MontG and I were a little bored. We decided to do some in house surgery... on me; my wart on my arm. Yeah, it was intense. We had a surgery table, sterilizing material, all the tools, knives we were going to use and numbing stuff. Well, short story short I don’t have a wart on my arm anymore, it’s healing very well, there was a lot of blood :) and we have it all on video! hahahahaa Great stuff. I’ll send you all the pictures from this week, next week. 

Okay I love that story about Hannah reading scary stories to herself in the truck on Daddy/daughter! hahah so funny! I love you Hannah! 

So to answer some of mom’s billion questions: 
They have one train that carries people. Doesn’t do much though. It has two destinations: to the city and out of the city. And yes, they have buses but they are packed!!! Like crazy! So we take taxis. Yes, only 3 cities the missionaries are in and we won’t be expanding for a long, long time. Angolans have dogs and cats for pets; occasionally monkeys or parrots. Crime... tons of it. Stores get robbed all the time. But the crime is way under the radar because the police don’t do anything. This country is corrupt from top to bottom in more ways than I can explain. It really is basically a dictatorship and the Pres has a monopoly on EVERYTHING. When Elder C got robbed, it happened right under there apartment. if he didn’t fight back he probably wouldn’t have been stabbed but he would have lost lots of money money money; like $500 worth.

Well, I love you all so much! I can’t believe I turn 20 in 10 days. And I can’t believe the transfer is almost over! I just got here! And Elder MontG is all but confirmed to be transferred! NOOO! and ps we don’t stay up talking that late anymore. We go to bed. But, we think so much alike it’s funny! Well, I love you all so dang much! tchau! 

Elder Tingey

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