Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hello everybody! 

well first and foremost happy birthday zach and grandma stoker! and thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. speacial shoutout to my man Austin Turley for sending a letter from Brazil! i cant believe im turning 20... crazy. well idk what im going to do now.. because we had TRANSFERS  early! again! geez. 

so Elder Montgomery and i get back from teaching on wed night and go over to the other elders house to get something and president calls us and tells us that transfers are happening the next day! so we went home and i didnt sleep because elder montgomery was packing because he got transfered to my old area in benfica! so my new comp is elder yeonopolis and he is from tucson az. hes coming up from lubango on tuesday. so ive been in a three some and i had to live in the other elders house this whole week. and well lets just say... im done sleeping on the couch. i want my own bed and my own house. but yeah elder yeonopolis is 2 transfers behind me i think. soo this is the first time ill be senior comp.... its a little stressful. i  miss elder MontG already. President only let me have 5 weeks with him. not fair. whateves. OH! and elder brown got transfered to lubango which i was super sad about which mean i wont see him again till like the end of his mission! i miss him. he is the best. he got me a sick sun devils hat for my birthday! i love that guy! he is the greatest. but im way excited for this new phase in my mission. 

so in all this ruckess we managed to have a baptism this week! Marisa is here name. and she was definitley ready. shes 33 and was way excited. i was very happy for here. her family is almost all members now. and her brother is on a mission in campo verde. haha baptisms are kinda funny... because well this is angola. so to fill up the font we have to bucket water from a tank 50 yards away and fill up a 1200 liter batismal font. oh and the baptismal font has a leak.... yeah so we bucket all the water in, in the morning, have the baptism... and then bucket all the water out to save it... (sigh)... it takes a long time... but hey its a baptism and the there is no price on the work of the Lord! 

soo.. you all know me. big apple fan boy. and well i heard and i saw what apple came out with this week.... HOLY FREAK!! guys... when this angolan was showing me these things on his ipad... i got so trunky. guys i kidd you not when it was the first time i really felt like i wanted to go home... hahaha its soo beautiful. well ill get the 6 when i come home. oh well that feeling only lasted like 3 hours.. i had iphone fever. ahhh! well that about it for this week. 

marissa: youre looking good as always and having way to much fun. 
darin: stop being such a stud. youre going to make me look bad when i get home!
Babes: you are so popular and so dang smart. keep it up!
Hannha: when you are a pilot will you fly me places? like the ranch? 

Mom and Dad: i love you guys! 

well this is the last email youll get from me.. besides pics, of the 19th year of my life. crazy. 

com muito amor
Elder Tingey

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