Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hello Partiers!

September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Well hello my beloved super cool awesome family! wow! that took me a
long time to get through all those emails and pictures. because the
internet is slow as tar!!! but i appreciated them thank you very much!

first off. Happy birthday to my Babes! Brynlee i love you so much and
miss you like crazy! i cant believe you’re 12. shoot girl! so grown up
and beautiful! i have beautiful sisters people. get over it. ah
babesy! have a great birthday! and know that i love you a ton!

but wow. you guys had a fun weekend! first off way to go mom! im proud
of you for pulling off that party! seriously it looks like there were
hundreds of people there! great success! well my sister deserves it! i
hope you had a great party!

dad it looks like your party was a huge success as well! thats a good
thing. make sure you hire some good employees! im excited for that and
i cant wait to go!

darin way to beast all day everyday!

k whats the deal with my siblings just being so poplular and getting
over 200 likes on fb for everything!

ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im trunky.... hahaha jk.

so my week: was good. a lot better than last week. it wasnt crazy full
of lessons but they were good solid lessons. we got a lot acomplished
this week. set some baptisimal dates got all of our investigators
progressing agian. we have 12 progressing investigators. That’s an
excellent number. we had 11 investigators at church so that was really

on wed we had zone conference which was excellent! best one we’ve had!
haha i love the mission presidency so much. they are awesome!

so last monday we had an fhe with maria da silva. old member here. and
president came and we had a big dinner and all that jazz. but while we
were waiting i set siri on presidents phone to always call him mr
president! hahahahahaha so funny! well he doesnt even know how to use
siri so he thought it was halarious!

then the rest of the week we taught lessons... hmm oh yeah so marcia
our camp investigator that is getting baptized in oct. shes 23 and
anyway so we were teaching the law
of chastity. and she giggles and im just like oh my gosh girl get a
grip! and like i was kind of explaining it with pretty words and then
im just like forget this. and i said I’m just going to give it to you
frank. Don’t have sex until your married!!! She got a grip after that
thankfully.  Don/t beat around the bush people. Doesnt work.

so i guess that’s my funny story for the week.

i got two letters this week. one from troy and one from g and g
stoker. thank you guys!
troy i am flippen in love with your family. they are sooo dang cute! i
love the pictures! camping bike riding! american dream is it not! oh i
love america. soo much better than africa. movies have made africa a
lot cooler than it is. dont get me wrong it is cool. but... not that
cool. lots of not cool things about it.

cool story actually. we were going to dinner at the wegglands. the
awesome american family that i love with my whole heart and sister
weggland has the EXACT same personalitly as grandma stoker. so. anyway
we are going to there house and then BOOM! all the power goes out in
the whole city! and we were just in the dark driving through this huge
city! really creepy. cause thats the opertune time for banditos. and i
just sat there thinking to my self... this is what hell is going to be
like. huge city that is soo dirty and hasnt had any maintanance since
the 70s! and completely dark with bandits and rapers running about..
creepy thought eh? soo..... that was about my week. angola kinda got
on my nerves this week. theyre stuck in the 70s and it shows bad. and
the people know it. but you know you gotta love it. well i love you
guys! hope your week is good and pay attention in general conference!

Elder Tingey

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