Sunday, December 29, 2013

A New Milestone

September 23, 2013

So guys, thanks for all the birthday wishes. i really am older believe it or not. on my birthday i woke up with a full beard! it was kinda freaky but tudo bem now. hahaha But wow what a week!

so elder yeanoplos got in a 430 in the morning on tuesday. haha i wasnt ready for that. the aps told me like 8 or 9. but then all the sudden im sleeping on the couch and doors start flying open light are switching on its dark out side and then boom, the dust clears and there is elder yeanoplos standing there with all the light shining on him with a superman suit on. crazy huh? hahaha yeah it went something like that.. i dont really remember it was 430 in the freaking morning!

But he is a great Elder. yep from tucson but doesnt know the sharps. hes from the south side if you know what i mean. haha  jk just southern side of tucson.

so then on thursday.. my birthday.. probably my most boring birthday ever but whateves. my 22 is going to rock! but we had lunch and the valdez s house. theyre portuguese and awesome. and then... i dont remember what we did for dinner. i think we just ate at home. but yeah kinda boring. but elder montG called me and the zone leaders and president and all wished me a happy birthday. so that was nice. and elder brown sent me a text.

the next day was Ima Lassolet’s birthday so i called her and wished her happy birthday. what a great woman. and then we had an integration night that night where we watched joseph smith the prophet of the restoration. it went well besides that fact that it started on angolan standard time... an hour late. which stressed me out but all said and done it was good.

then saturday we had the first part of district conference. its like stake conference. and that was really good.  then we had the second half of it on sunday. and that was way fun. because i got to see a bunch of people from Benfica. ah i love Benfica so much. you know when you just put so much work into something and then just a few gems come out of it but oh how you love those gems that do come out of it. yeah thats how i am with Benfica. i got to see Daneilson’s family again. they are preparing for baptism and Ritas family i saw them. and lucas!! my man. i love that kid. and then amarildo! the guy that looks like usher he came and talked with me for a little while.. ah! and then all the older members! i love them all. i love working in little branches like that because then you get to know and love everyone. but it also can get annoying when theres not enough people to do everything. but yeah. so i had to translate for sister merrill during the conference. i sat behind her and whispered it all in english in her ear. going from portuguese to english is a lot more dificult than english to portuguese! so that was a good expeirence. but translating for the portuguese people was harder than the angolans. portuguese people can talk so fast and i cant keep up with the translating! i can understand everything fine but then i have to translate and then... ai yai yai. fica complicado.

so then last night at our dinner with the wegglands i got to have a quick hands on with ios 7. ooooooo baby. its purty. im glad you all downloaded it.  and im happy mom got an iphone 5 yahoo!

darin congrats on getting asked. but thats still a little weird to me. geez it was just homecoming and they are already asking.  marissa you looked great in your photos! was paintballing a blast? probably one of my favorite dates that i ever did!

mom i havent recieved your package yet. but it should get here this week. thanks for it!

Dad the place is sooo close! geez im anxious! this has been such a long process! i cant wait for it!

Hannah, hahaha sometimes i have dreams that i come home and it scares me! im like wait i didnt do my two years yet! noo! thats one of my worst fears. is to get hurt or something and have to come home. ajgdro adtha. nao quero. but i miss you too. a lot.

babes you hanging in there is all this homecoming winter formal stuff?! love you girl!

hmm what else.... its getting more difficult to keep girls off of me ;) you know being 20 and all. they must know. hahaha jk jk. well i love you guys!

peace out! paz fora yall.

com amor
Elder Tingey

ps. dont tell me im almost at my year mark. until im at my year mark. itll make go by so slow...
This is what my comp did for my Birthday!

 District Conference
 Lucas, My Man!
Rita's Family

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