Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh! The Week! Toasting to the Work!!!

August 19,2013

Hello Family! 

Well, this week was pretty fun. Lots of Work! Holy cow! But we have fun doing it so it’s good. Love being comps with Elder Montgomery. It’s way fun. So let’s see, where to start.... well, we are doing work in our area. We have like 7 people with fixed baptismal dates and 14 progressing investigators! That’s a massive number! And it’s only going to grow this week! The work is a lot of fun when it’s going good! So let’s see...

One day we were in Rocha, a part of our area that’s all the way on the other side of the city. Kinda crazy but whateves. Anyway, the day wasn’t going too hot. All of our appointments dropped for the night and it was like 7 pm so we went to the store because we needed to get some new frying pans because ours are tiny and horrible. Well, they didn’t have any there but... they had an awesome sale!!! I love food sales in Angola! They had American hamburgers, they are called bubba burgers, for 5 dollars a box. That’s a steal! They are usually $20! And Martinelle’s sparkling cider which is usually 15 dollars was $5! So we took advantage and went home and had a good meal. and made toasts to an awesome transfer. It was great.  

Oh guys! So on Saturday... something crazy happened. hahaha. We went to Maria da Silva’s house for lunch. Maria is one of the original members here. Like, she worked a lot with Uncle Earl. (so she tells me.) She has a house in Provo and she’s secretly loaded. She says she’s just here in Angola to help the church. Anyway! So we went to her house for lunch and our Branch President came and some nonmembers that were Portuguese. so everything’s going great and we’re socializing with the Portuguese people which is fun.. and then.... something legend , wait for it, wait for it! All of a sudden Maria’s niece came out to have lunch with us (she actually cooked it and then went to go get ready for the "get together") and holy flip my jaw hit the ground with the loudest bang you ever heard! I kid you not when I say that she was probably the most beautiful black woman I have ever seen in real life. and and AND!! She had long.... beautiful... REAL hair!!!   You guys! I forgot how to speak Portuguese! Or any language for that matter! And she was wearing pink pants... and idk if I’ve told you guys this but I’ve always had a thing for pink pants... anyway it was the most mind blowing thing of the week! Okay now here’s the disclaimer. Nobody freak out and write me freaking out about what I just wrote. Nothing is going to happen because of it obviously. I just wanted to give you an in-depth look at a missionary’s mind that happened to be at a very funny moment! We are still normal! And you should be grateful for that! 

What else...  our branch is growing like crazy. We had to bless the water 3 seperate times because there was sooo many people! 

We got invited to an English Bible study yesterday... actually more like we thought we were going to a lesson and it turned out to be an English Bible study. They asked if we believed the Bible and if we could trust it. I recited the article of faith that I learned in primary obviously!  You know how I got those articles of faith down :) 

We had a frustrating lesson at the beginning of the week though. We were teaching about the Sabbath day. Yeah, well here, people have a problem with that. Well, they just interpret it wrong. Because in Portuguese it’s the same word as Saturday. So the 7th Day Adventists are pretty big here. Anyway, we were having a lesson with a really good investigator and he just had some doubts about it. Nbd (no big deal) so we explained how it used to be on Saturday but after the resurrection in became Sunday. (Funny thing I never knew that till I came on a mission) anyway, his dad overheard and came over with his Bible and he was obviously a 7th day guy and he just went off on how the Bible says this, look up this scripture, blah blah blah. Spirit gone. Anyway, we’re like, we don’t want to argue at all and he just kept going off on these scriptures. I just got sick of it and I  was like okay look, I already know every scripture about the 7th day. All of them. I already know them. I study the bible too, but what we’re telling you all depends on if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet. Then the dad was like, anything tha’ts not the Bible is a lie. He started calling the Book of Mormon a lie and Joseph Smith a liar, and I was getting kind of upset. Like, don’t you dare tell me that when you haven’t even read it or don’t know anything about it! So I kinda raised my voice a bit and I was like " I testify to you that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, I know it! I wouldn’t have dropped everything, family, school, girls, etc., to come here across the globe to Angola to preach about this if I didn’t know it was true." Then he got kinda silent and then it was Elder Montgomery’s turn to testify! woo! Double witness! It was sick!(awesome!) then we said a prayer and got the heck out of there! but I kinda feel bad for 7th Day Adventists.

Last night we went to the Wegglands for dinner. they are the American couple that live in our branch. He works for BP. But it was amazing to be at their apartment eating good good American food! Literally, when you walk into their apartment, it’s like walking into America! It’s awesome!  

We went to the ilha today. (the beach.) That was fun. just to see all of Luanda! and the port! 

Well, that’s the wrap! Love you all! It sounds like you are all having way too much fun (Darin, Marissa, and Hannah. Babes, I haven’t heard from you in a while but I’m sure you’re rockin’ it in Jr High! Go Sabercats!  Mom, Dad, I love you guys! 

Love you all! 
Elder Tingey

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