Tuesday, February 18, 2014

God is Great! (Juice) is Good, And People are Crazy!

February 3, 2014

hey fam. well this week was interesting. difficult yes. but very small and sweet successes.

unfortunately i am a little bit sickish. just a cold though. but its really annoying. so unfortunately as well i dont have that much to write.

well when i taught english classes this week we had a record turn out. that was pretty cool. its actually picking up to be a way that we find and are able to teach people.

this week we started teaching a lady named natalia who is wayyyy cool. she is actually a reference from a current investigator. anyway the first few lessons went really well and we invited her to baptism and she said yes! so i was excited about that. that was on saturday. end of the week sweet is what i call them. then on sunday we had our investigator amilcar finally  show up to church and i was excited about that because ive been doing everything to get him there for like a month. small victories give strength to win the war.

this week i was struggling, just with everything. and one night i was just lying in bed with a million thoughts racing through my head and i was stressed angry and just feeling all kinds of emotions. and then out of no where something just came over me and all my thoughts just vanished basically and a great calmness and love came over me. just peace. God really knows us individually. and he cares about our lives. its interesting how powerful he is to literally watch us at all moments. God is good. actually God is great, (juice) is good, and people are crazy.

well folks. thats about all i have. im sorry. i miss you and love you.

Elder Tingey

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