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Happy Bday Hannah! AND Star Wars

February 10, 2014

Hannah hannah hannah! double digits! wo wo! Were gonna party like its your birthday! holy cow youre 10! that nuts! i remember before you were born! tahts weird to think about! i remember when mom told us kids that she was going to have a girl. you know how she told us? she said quote " girls rule boys drool!" i know what youre thinking... how rude. hahahahaha  but along you came and you have always been so happy and pretty and cuter than ever! and one smart cookie too! oh i miss you a lot. yeah president said i couldnt get transfered home for your birthday but he said on your next birthday it would be fine. in fact he will send me a few months early. christmas too! what a nice guy right? but happy birthday i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (repeating for eternity)  much!

but hello family! good emails this week thank you thank you. especially dads. i loved the ones about darins games. oh i get sooo pumped for next season! keep me updated on varstiy!

babes thank you for going horseback riding! i miss that soo much! its probably the greatest thing ever. as the plaque in my room says " if heaven doesnt have horses, i aint goin" true story with me!

dad to answer some of your questions
local music..... there are to kinds. there is the kind that is like super local. like tribal stuff. and that stuff drives me nuts!!!!!! also the have kuduro which is not so tribal but.... i dont like it. its very annoying.  then there is the kid that is more american black. more international and that stuff is good!!!!! also i like a few brazilian artists such as paula fernandes who is my brazilian girlfriend.   wowzers!  and that about it. its funny because when i write other missionaries in brazil or portugal they have no idea about the music there. the only reason we know about it here is because of the taxis! haha its funny because we all know the songs and can sing to them.

apartment... its a house. a mansion. haha two floors. one and a half bath 4 bedrooms one office. a lounge, a kitchen and a dining room. but its like a cabin on the inside. ill send pics next week. actually its 3 stories but the basement is rented out to a portuguese guy.

non church vocab... hmm i think its pretty good. but im always learning new words. so who knows. unfortunately angolans dont speak very well. well they do, just not as good as portugese or brazil.  they say "coiso" a ton. which translates to "thingy" . its a horrible habit they have and i call them out on it all the time.

this week was.... oh man. very very tough. horrible actually. everything and everyone dropped. no one came to church. just a tought week. huambo is tough missionary work wise, but its the best at just general living. but no biggie. just a trail. a refinement. we didnt die so apparently it makes us stronger! 

during the week i was going through my mission pictures and videos and  i realized i freaking love angolans. they are my people! even though they can be soooo dificult to work with and they have no sense of commitment i still love them to death.

this week we were in the barrio ( super super poor neighborhood, mud huts) and all of our appointments fell through. dang funerals mess up everything. because when someone dies literally the whole neighborhood goes to the funeral that has two parts. doesnt matter what commitments they have to work or anything. they all go. very annoying for an american missionary. but its just theyre culture. its actually kind of cool if you take a step back. they are all a big family!

and our little branch here is amazing. even when things are looking horrible (no investigators progressing, inactives that seem impossible to bring back) they have soooooo much faith. and they are just like okay how can we continue. what can we do to help this. such faith. they have true grit.

third thing. God loves his lost sheep. sometimes when a person is baptized and they move or something and basically go inactive we think its a lost cause. but God knows them. and will do all he can to get them back. this week while contacting we ran into a portuguese guy who was baptized in portugal and then moved and lost contact and basically hasnt been to church in forever but he saw us and came up and talked to us about where the church is in huambo. (its very new here) and wanted to come back. God is amazing!

also this week. we were without energy one night and we were talking about starwars. and we got really starwars trunky... and we wanted to watch starwars.... so we did! in a special missionary way. since in was dark we didnt need to turn off the light. and elder fontain played starwars! haha said every line and acted all the parts sound effects light sabers and everything. haha its was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill send some pics of the cool light sabers we made. i know we are nerds. but some times you gotta stay sane!

well that was the week. i love you all! have a great week!

Elder tingey

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