Sunday, March 16, 2014


 March 3, 2014

well mom you asked at a good time. we learned transfers today. Elder whitkaker got transfered to Luanda to be ZL and im getting elder rigby. he is somewhat newish. but itll be good. i hear he is a good worker. thatll be good. 
well this week was .... rather unexcited. hmmm we got attacked by lions... i guess that made the adrenaline pump a little but yeah... you know how africa is... lions everywhere. gotta watch your back!   jk jk

well wow really not much happened! lots of contacting. lots of lessons that people didnt show up to. 
oh we had this less active lady named N´geve. she used to be quite the grouch and didnt want anything to do with us. but elder whitaker and i have visited her at least once a week since i got here. usually we would just read the scriptures to her. but after a while she warmed up and took a liking to us. haha elder whitaker uses his nerdy super super dry not funny jokes on her... and she gets upset at him and we laugh and then she laughs and its just funny. she is quite pleasant to be around now. anyway she called us on saturday and was like Elders i need your help filling out my tithing slip! i forgot my glasses at work and cant see anything it says! come over in an hour. uh okay.... so we hurried and finished making lunch and went over there to help her. and so she had me fill out the slip. and i needed her full name. haha and with so many africans there was a discrepency with how to spell the last name. and her daughter said one thing and then ngeve said another and then the other daughter said another! hahah N´geve got a little stressed and was like "oh no..... my blessing are going to be given to somebody else!" hahahahaha it was the funniest thing ever! old ladies... gotta love em. so much joy in this world because of them! 

well president is coming down this weekend to interview people for branch president. We will see what happens. well this is gonna be short. 

FAM, dont slack on scriptures or prayer. sao essencias! 
marissa i love you a ton. wish i could be there.
darin... you can stop being so cool.
babes.. where did you go? send me more pictures!
Hannah.. i feel that you will be smarter than me when i get home. send me a message girl.
I love you guys so much! 

Elder Tingey

elder whitaker... the nerd going gangster hard!

the twins of jesus. of jesus is literally their name.

the young men at institute.

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