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The CIA is in town!!

February 17, 2014
helloooo family!

thank you for your wonderful letters! it was a good week this week! nothing revolutionary but just a hard but good week.

so on wednesday we had a dinner with sister aurora. shes angolan but she lived in canada for 20 plus years soo.... shes great! haha!  anyway we learned something really funny while we were there!

so there is a place called DEFA and its for all foreigners. they have to register at DEFA where they live. so when i came from luanda to huambo i had to tell DEFA aka the angolan government that i was now in huambo. its so they can keep tabs on you. haha and people complain that the US govt is difficult for foreigners. anyway so us missionaries we walk everywhere and when i say everywhere i mean everywhere! and we have our favorite restaurante in town thats called boca loca. and we go there at least once a week on pday. and the owners of the restaurante are from lebanon. okay so DEFA starts asking questions about us to some of the higher ups in the govt. and they get one of the members of our church and start asking questions about us. THEY THINK THAT WE ARE THE CIA! hahaha they think that our missionary badges are cameras! and then they asked why we eat at boca loca so much? they think we are in cahoots with the owners! hahaha what a crack up. Angola spying on the missionaries. they also are confused why we walk everywhere.... hmmmm because we dont have a car? anyway funny stuff. i got a good laugh.

so we are teaching this girl (30 years old) named natalia. and her sister as well. and last week was a reall struggle trying to meet with them. and so i was thinking that they kinda were not wanting it anymore. because thats what angolans do. they just say yeah yeah yeah i want you guys to keep coming... but they dont really want you to. ironic because when people tell me no or they dont want us to come back i am actually grateful for their courtesy!  anyway so we were finally able to sit with them. while she was out of the room i peaked at her bookmark in the book of mormon... 1 nephi 2. DANG it! so she gets back and i ask her how her reading is going. shes like good! im in 1 nephi 7. im thinking okay better than i thought. and then she says yeah i read it once and know im going through it again to really really understand it.  CHE! nao brinca comigo irma! wow. i was blown away.  so then we watched the restoration video which is awesome as ever! and then at the end it reads moronis promise and shes like ive heard those words before! yeah theyre in the BOM! anyway the lesson finished great. she believes that the book of mormon is true and acceped baptism! so we are working towards that. we are going over there tonight.

BUT WAIT! so we are also teaching giovania and her boyfriend jorge. who everyone says is my black twin because he drips with swagga ;) anyway he was on  a trip and got back this week. and came to church. Natalia also came to church. and after the first class when we were switching, jorge wiped something off natalias face, like without asking or anything. and i saw it and i was like that was really really weird jorge. and then i gave him a look like that was really really weird! haha and he smiles and goes shes my sister. WHAT?!?!??!?!?!!? your kidding. no way. so we just happened to be teaching both of them at the same time and none of us knew it. natalia was from tracting and jorge through giovania! hmmm couinsidense (how ever you spell it)...? I think not. God s got plans for this family. way cool.

Then yesterday after we got done with our lessons we walked out. yeah there were clouds out but it hasnt rained in like two weeks. then CRACK BOOM! i kidd you not it POURED in  less than three seconds! i didnt even have time to pull out my jacket or umbrella! not that it even helped! flash floods in the streets! its was crazy! and actually really fun.

well that was the week. love you guys a ton!

Elder Tingey

Pics of our house

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