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February 24, 2014
Well hello family! well first things first GO MOUTAIN VIEW! ahh!! Basketball is my favorite sport! i like the way they dribble up and down the court! i keep it so fresh on the microphone blah blah blah! oh i miss basketball games! yelling, storming the court its all soooo great!

well this week was .... good slash kicked us in the butt! haha. okay so it started off great and then by the end we were struggling to take home the W. thats win if you didnt know.

so first off last monday night we went and taught carla. who was a contact we made. she seemed cool and so anyway we go over there. and we sit with her. and she like elders im sorry. and we like what? well i havent finished the book of mormon yet. but im in mosiah. hahaha um wow yeah that stinks your the first one who hasnt finished it .... not. mosiah!!!!!!!! che! wow i was so impressed. shes like i have some questions and ive written them done but i dont want to ask you them until i finish the book. because sometimes they get answered with further reading. and ill finish it by next monday. haha well okay then! sounds good to me! anyway it was way cool. then she tried to descibe what she felt while she was reading but couldnt. obviously it was the spirit! super cool experience and we are meeting with her again tonight.

so Giovania went through with her baptism! YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally! its been since like july since this area has had a baptism. we had a lesson with her this week and i was like so your baptism is marked for the 22 which is this saturday.... ainda pode ser? which translates to is it still going to be? and then she came back with a great response! Deve ser. which mean it must be. so we were pumped and her baptism was great. elder whitaker baptized her and i confirmed her. officially 39 members in our branch now! keep on sicken that sickle!

so we have had quite the rainstorms this week. nothing too unusual but our power went out a lot. but then when everyone else got power back we still didnt have any. great. sooo we are in the process of fixing that problem. also we have a portugese man who lives under us.... who does NOT keep the commandments at all and is pretty grumpy. His wife and kids live in portugal and he lives here..... not a good combo. anyway dealing with our energy problems, ive been talking to him quite a bit. and ive finally made friends with him. haha you know. after about the 5th time he yelled at me.  i even got him to smile yesterday. one day he will become a member. haha sometime in the very distant future but one day!

also we had our branch basketball activity on saturday. well we got to the court and there were lots of people there. we learned that a club team from another province was visiting and wanted to play. so huambo got a team together with the people who regularly play there. and they know how good we are. they wanted us to play on there team. well everyone wanted to play full court. unfortunately we cant. so we told them that and oh man they thought we were nuts! they were so surprised they litterally thought hell had frozen over. they begged and begged and begged for us to play full court just this one time! just one time just one time please! sorry bro not happening. so we offered to be the refs and score and time keepers. they accepted begrudingly. well it was quite the game! huambo was getting dominated! but in the 3rd quarter our progressing investigator jorge had some amazing shots and well longs story short huambo won by a nail biter! sooooo fun! love it! i wanted to play so bad but it was still fun to watch.

well that was the week! i hope you all have a good week. remember "just keep swimmiing"


Elder Tingey 


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