Sunday, March 16, 2014

bonjour. psh yeah right. Bom dia!

March 11, 2014

soooo this week....

oh guys..... this whole writing you guys every week is taking a toll on me.... kljdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

sorry my head just kid the keyboard. okay i can do this!

well we taught more lessons this week. haha missnary life gets way repetative. okay so transfers.

well elder whitaker left. amazing sometimes you dont realize how much you liked someone until they are gone. i missed him for the first few days. haha that nerd. haha so fun! im glad we will be at byu together. but my new comp elder rigby is great. he is from idaho. some tiny tiny town. 1 mile long. gooding. great guy. super .... docile? haha

it was funny though how many people noticed elder whitaker was gone. some drunk guy came up to me on the street and was like what happened to the little short guy with glasses?! haha hes in luanda bro!

so president came down this week and released elder tilley and put in elder hyde (ex ap) to be branch pres until the end of the month. it was fun having president down here. last night before he left he made the joke about how my comps need to set my alarm so i get up on time. (fyi i do get up on time but for some reason pres has joked with me ever since he got to angola that i sleep all the time.) so this morning i was gonna get him back. so at 630 i texted him. i was like hey president hows life? hahaha you know just striking up a random conversation at 630 in the morning like it nbd. he laughed. i was going to call him at 630 but i was way to tired for that.

we are going to lubango in two weeks again. for zone conference. im excited about that. then the week after that president comes down again.

on saturday we played basketball. elder tilley and i were finally about to be on the same team. (usually its super not fair so we always have to split up, but we had some good competiion this week) we won every single game except for the last which was by 2 points and we were soo tired. like 15 games in total or something. there was one time were there was a point descrepancy (no idea how to spell) but elder tilley and i got fired up about it. in the end we let them have what they wanted and then we just played 150 percent and killed them. haha basketball.... for good or for worse..

well thats about it. we had a few awkward lessons about the law of chastity. we were talking about having good thoughts. and this girl was like yeah im the worst sinner in the world! and i was like no your not. and shes like no serious! for example when i look at you i think ...................... (ill just leave the rest out) but i was stop. stop. stop. stop talking please! my comp just died laughing.

okay i have somethings to ask. mom did you send the calendar yet? also can i ask for some new ties?? these ones are so.... old. same thing everyday.

please please with a cherry on top?

oh and how come no one told me about jase getting his mision call??

well love you fam. peace out. paz fora (haha yeah totally doesnt translate)

Elder Tingey

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