Monday, January 27, 2014

The Week! Jan 27, 2014

January 27, 2014
hey family,

thank you for your letters this week. they were nice to hear. mom you get better okay?! Dad glad things are going well. hahaha i know what you mean about the common sense thing. we call it common sense but its really just "american sense" haha. America is the best! Darin, stinks that you guys lost against Brophy. oh well. Marissa good job at cheer. wish i could have been there! Babes thanks for the pics! i hear you still have trouble waking up in the morning ? haha somethings never change i guess.

well this week started out great. we worked hard and our numbers were really good for here but one set back after another and the week just didnt give the results we were expecting.

but the work is always the hardest right before good results come. its much easier to destroy something than to build something.

this week was actually pretty sad. so first off all our investigator giovania wanted to postpone her baptism. dang it. but tudo bem. she told us a sad sad story about the way she was raised (that unfortunately i cant repeat over email because of mission rules) but it just reflected how african culture is.... so not the Lords culture.

then we went to an appointment with a sweet lady we contacted a few days earlier. she wasn’t home yet but her son let us inside. and then she got home with her husband. so we were like okay sweet perfect, now we can teach them together! well... he talked with us a little bit. and you could tell he really didnt want anything to do with us. then he like well sorry im going to leave you to do your thing and im going to go eat. well okay. soo he goes off. so we start talking to the lady. and then he comes busting back in and is like " im sorry im going to have to interrupt this!" she didnt make me any food and i dont have anything to eat! who do you think your are woman?! do you want me to die?! go make me something to eat!

anyway he continued like that for a good while. i was really upset. then he told us that he already told her taht she couldnt switch churches. anyway long story short the lesson didnt happen but i kept my cool. we left, i was very very upset. i dont know how many times i told elder whitaker that i wanted to deck the guy in the face and he cannot treat women like that and oh man i was really fired up.

then to top it all off none of our investigators showed up to church and that was just like the final punch of the week. disheartening is what it was.

so were hitting the pavement even harder this week. the zone leaders are coming up to do divisions from lubango. that will be fun.

in other news elder tilley and i are on a push up work out thats going very well ;). results are coming there so thats good news. ummm hahaa what else.

oh i had a dream last night that darin was an actor and he had his own show on the disney channel. and his characters name was hayden. that was funny. oh it rained like crazy this week. everyday. all day.

well thats about it! i hope you all have a great week! i love you all!

Elder Tingey

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