Sunday, January 19, 2014

Willard! My second Pet!

well hello family and friends!

i got a new pet this week named willard! yeah but president wouldnt let me keep him and quite honestly i was way tired of feeding him and he always reacted badly to the food i gave him. soo. we put him down. yeah him and jim were very similar. you guys remember my other parasite named jim right?! yeah...  well willard was my second. not fun. it was a terrible week for us. because i was in and out of my office constantly! we got a total of 6 lessons. booo! but we were able to go to a few lessons. and every one of them the person we were teaching got made at me that we came and taught them because i was sick! i was like hey this is important! haha testimony builder for them ;)

our rc marcia threatened me that if i didnt go to the hospital by today she was going to get the second counselour in the relief society and they were going to tie me up and take me to the hospital. haha i was like okay deal! hahaha angolans are so funny. because they dont have good health care here they go to the hospital for everything!!!! oh you have a head ache? go to the hospital! and the hospital is pointless to go to because every time there just like oh you have malaria. oh your foot hurts? yeah you have malaria. no i dont!!! so its pointless to go. pluss expensive. so yeah. what else.

so you guys apparently dont pay that much attention to the news. because angola made it on the news for the riots that they were going to have on saturday. i could have died people!! haha jk. i found out about it and then told president and hes like well just be smart. and then he called back 5 min later and was like yeah i just got a notice from the church about it. you guys arent leaving the house tomorrow. so on saturday all the missionaries in luanda stayed home! it was brutal actually.

well sorry i dont have much else to write about my week except that it hurt in the stomach.

aunt fawn i got your dear elder. thank you! troy i got your letter from the 1st of nov. hahaha nice halloween costumes. i got a good kick out of that. just a little bit slyer than a plug and a socket.

well im going to have a good thanksgiving. everyone is going to presidents house for the whole day!

well love you all!

Elder Tingey
ps marissa will you update my blog please? pretty please? i love you soooo much!

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