Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

well record number of emails this week. well not really. but the number went up! thank you everyone.  i hope you all had a good new year. i did. haha i was at home all day. haha we werent allowed to go out. good reason too. it was crazy here!

wow so much fun stuff happened at home! Marissa is fun when she is stress free, Darin had a fun new years haha, Babes is going to parties like crazy (slow it down girl!) and Hannah is the cool girl who goes driving in the jeep and goes to bass pro shop! hahaha i miss you guys a ton!

well my time is short this week... unfortunately. but we had a good week. actually you could also say it was a horrible week. but we finished it well. so in the middle of the week. the 3 days around new years we had 0 lessons. THats bad! but we made up for it in the end.

the beginning of the week was pretty funny actually. one of the elders in my house (i cant say names) had the funniest medical problem! long story short he had to call sister merrill and describe it. and at one point he couldnt explain it any other way and so he just had to say "well sister merrill.... its in the ____hole" bahahahaha we alll busted up laughing!!!!!!!! hahaha so funny. just a hemeroid though.

then saturday was horrible. everything dropped. so we decided to go contacting. so we hit up some apartment building and knocked on the top door. and this girl answered and i was like hey were missionaries blah blah blah message blah blah and she said well im washing dishes but i can make time for you guys. WOW AMAZING lesson. she had great questions! at first she was like yeah i was catholic but then i found out that that church doesnt bring people to salvation. so now im looking for the true church. wow okay. well we can work with taht! and then later she was like yesterday i wondered if some things could have been lost from the bible because it was translated so many times. and im like OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! she asked if there could be other scriptures. boom immediately explain the restoration and book of mormon. long story short she was very amazed and excited to read the book of mormon. and she was amazed that God sent us one day after she had her question. such a cool experience!

then sunday was great. record number of people at church 52. our little branch is coming along! we had 3 investigators which is also another record. so im very happy about that. baptisms will be coming! and then we had a great lesson that afternoon as well.

so we finished off the week well. we have early transfers this time because we are finally getting missionaries! im excited! but i dont want to train. noooo . but if i do i wont be sad.

yesterday we saw the coolest thing ever! a motorcycle race in a parking lot! it was just random and amature but people just flocked to it and it became this big event! way fun to watch! also i saw a lot of nba highlights yesterday... when the members tv is on during dinner its a bad situation. elder tilley and i are like oh shoot basketball! but..... the nba is so awesome. i cant wait to come back to it.

welll that about it! im probably forgetting things but oh well! i love you all! be good choose the right!

love Elder Tingey

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