Sunday, January 19, 2014

Leak in our house-conference with a beat!

hello family. whats up. nothing much on this side. same old same old.
just working and teaching and baptizing. im kind of apathetic to
writing right now.. sorry. hope everyones week at home went well. well
ill just get write to my notes that ive written for this week

so weve had a bad leak in the front of our house. like so bad that it
becomes a lake between our gate and our front door. a full on lake. so
we finally got these guys to fix it. (it was a problem with the
neighbors) so they dug a huge hole and fixed the problem and then they
put cement over it again. Elder Y and i wrote our names in the wet
cement :) hahahaha im forever in that house now.

the other night we were at the other elders house (they live a street
over from us. they are the rest of our district and then elder y and i
live alone. i hate being  alone) anyway so we were over there and then
the power went out in like the whole city! and its all black and you
cant see. and were all like well looks like the bandits will be out
tonight! haha and then we realized that we still had to walk home.
shoot. so we hurried and left so that we wouldnt give more time for
the bandits to come out so we wouldnt get jumped. and well we made it
barely. i mean i had to fight off a few guys but that was about it.
just a few scrapes and bruises nothing major. ;)

we had interviews at the office this week and i got some letters. i
got my bday letters from shannons family. thank you! you are
wonderful! and then i got a letter from the beehives or something that
was sent in april for easter... sluuu ow. and then i got some dear
elders from sister larsen. haha thanks sister larsen!

we were walking to the chapel one day and i got a wiff of a good
smell. and i thought to my self where in the world is that coming
from. luanda NEVER smells good. literally it smells bad. like youre at
the dump all the time. black water which is sewage and grows monsters
is everywhere! anyway i looked up and this random tree next to the
side walk was blossoming! it reminded me how good az smells when the
orange trees blossom.

so this week we had lots of activities. we had an integration night
and watched the movie the testiments. way good. it went well. then we
had a baptism on saturday that i was in charge of. little stressful.
but yeah that was good. i baptized marcia and she got confirmed on the
same day because we had conference this weekend. so that was cool. she
was soo prepared it was insane. and then i got worried when she didnt
show up to the first session of general conference. but she went to
another building to watch it. and then she came to our building for
the afternoon session.

speaking of which. the mormon tab choir had a BEAT this conference.
... yeah we had a party going on next door. and angolans like their
music as LOUD as it can go! yeah... so that was super annoying.
literally my chair would shake everytime the bass hit. you couldnt
hear the speakers at all. although this time the conference was
translated in a portuguese accent instead of a brazilian which made it
soooo much easier for me to understand. amazing how that is.

and we had transfers this week and nothing is happening to me. its
bittersweet. although elder wilhelm is going down to lubango. uhhhhh
all my favorite people are down there now. i want to goooo!

yes mom i was able to withdraw cash with the card. thank you. it
works! as for everything else...... the missionary life... is so
repeditive some times. i need to do something out of the ordinary to
make it fun. im reading teaching of the prophet lorenzo snow in
portuguese. thats way fun. haha because i can read it and understand
it all. oh i forgot i finished the book of mormon this week. that 4
times now that ive read it on my mission. and ill finish it again soon
in portuguese. portuguese is awesome. well thats the wrap folks. 2
more weeks and ill hit a year. che wei. bem, ate logo. o proximo vez
que vamos falar. tenho saudades de voces. oh btw if your going to the
cabin for christmas how are you going to skype me?

well love ya all. peace out. paz fora. haha that doesnt translate.
ficam fixe. stay cool.

Elder tingey

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