Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm going to Huambo!


well hello family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im extra excited! i got transfered to huambo!!!!!!!! thats a province! yes yes yes! theres like 15 people in the branch. and there is lots of scenery and rain and im sooo excited! my new comp is elder wittaker. hes from florida.

but anyway this week was good. we had our conference with elder Hamilton which was really good. i loved what he did. he didnt chastise at all. he just inspired. thats the best way to get missionaries to better. but it was really good. then we walked with president on friday morning to a few of our lessons. so we took president in a táxi. and it was his first táxi here! and the táxis are really crazy here and play crazy music and i was so excited for president to expirence it! so we get in and were driving and....... mórmon tabernacle choir comes on! in the táxi! i was like what?! what the heck! where is that comming from?! the driver had a cd and was playing it! i was like what?! president you must have the spirit with you because this is nuts! and he was like no you set this up! you guys paid him to play this! no we didnt! it was really funny.

so then we had na awesome lesson with jamba and president was there. jamba was getting baptized the next day. and after the lesson president was like good job elders you taught him well. yeah thats right we taught him well! haha but really jamba was soo prepared.

so yeah then on saturday we had 5 baptisms in our branch. all men. 5 more priesthood holders yeah yeah.

we had two investigators jamba and kito get baptised. so that was really awesome. jamba asked me to baptize him and kito asked me to confirm him which is always an honuor.

yesterday at brother wegglands house he made us hamburgers and we had chips and salsa. it was sooo good. and then for desert we made homemade rootbeer and had rootbeer floats! sooo good. brother weggland is so awesome.

wow i felt like so much happened this week... but i dont have that much to write about. still a little bit sick.. but im getting over it. ill be happy to make my own food in huambo and not have to eat at members houses everyday. at first i thought it was a blessing... but its also a curse... hahaha. but guys im soo excited to go to huambo! i prayed for this :) the lord loves me. and its the perfect time to go because now is the hot season and its burning here in luanda. huambo will be so much cooler.

well skype in two weeks. i still need to talk with president about that. but president laid down the law today and he told us all that its 40 min on skype. ugggg. but okay. so yall be ready for that. well i gots to go! the cyber cafés in huambo arent as good as here so you might not be able to get as many pics... sorry.

i love you all!

darin and marissa you guys looked great! haha so cool that you had dance offs. i miss you.  marissa all the elders want to date you. haha.

love you again!

Elder Tingey

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