Sunday, January 19, 2014

Geeez! Family!

okay family. everyone take a chill pill and try not to die on me!!!!! goodness gracious! holy cow! dad im glad youre okay. you look cool. darin im glad youre safe. although i would being lying if i said that i did not have a tear welled up in my eye for my truck. seriously im actually really sad about that. but wow! how eventful!

okay now time for my stories. first of all huambo is awesome!!!!!!!! its beautiful! its real africa. Luanda is..... a dump. it really is so beautiful here. it rains everday and its clean, the roads are paved and the weather is fantastic!

huambo has a lot of history too. it was going to be nova lisboa or new lisbon. for the portuguese. and the capital of angola was going to be here. and then the war broke out. and most of it was fought here. and there are lots of remains. in fact our house has a few bullets holes. but its cool to see all the stuff that was destroyed. be high rise apartment buildings with massive holes in them from cannons. other buildings which have just been blown up. random tanks hanging around from the war. there are bullet holes in EVERYTHING. so ya its pretty cool.

our branch is very small. yesterday we had a record attendance of about 50. we only have 20 members. and elder tilley is the branch president. with elder mccune as the first counselor. my comp is elder whittaker from florida. very to the book kinda guy. haha if its not in the rule book he cant function. but he is good. he is also going to byu studying electrical engineering so thats cool.

the work here is slow. but we are getting the ball rolling again. doing lots of contacting. and branch activities such as caroling and branch basketball every saturday which we also bring investigators to.

marcia my rc from cassequel was actually here this week so that was cool. she came to church which was good. she is such an awesome member that the branch in cassequel wants to give her 3 callings already. primary teacher, chorister, and 2nd counselor in the relief society. yeah shes very responsible and the branch can see that.

but i really love huambo. there are actual houses beautiful houses that the portugese built. actually in my opionion i wish angola was still a portuguese colony. haha. but yeah all the houses have a 70s look which is fun.

next week we are going down to the other province lubango to spend christmas with those elders. so that will be fun. president is here in huambo this weekend and tonight sister is going to cook a christmas dinner for us. there are 4 elders here.

huambo kinda reminds me of flagstaff. especally since our house has a cabiny feeling to it. and its HUGE! its 2 stories! way fun too. also huambo is really calm. its sooo nice. im stress free and its awesome. okay well i love you! cant wait to talk to you guys next week! be ready! and dad you better be there this time!!!!!!!!!!!! got that!

i love you guys lots!

Elder Tingey

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