Sunday, January 19, 2014

A little BBall with the natives!

well hello family! 

Its been a ... week. haha trying to keep postive! sooo were to start. I got the package! finally. haha but I was a little dissapointed that letters from all you guys weren’t in it. but tudo bem. thank you for the pens! I love them. and the shirt is pretty cool too. and the card. and the other cards. I got all  the sd cards fixed that I messed up. Good thing my American brother Weggland is a techy! but yeah thank you for the package. soo dont forget the christmas music. do you want to do that over dropbox or mail. personally I think its easier over dropbox but i dont know if i trust you guys enough with technology to be able to do it.....  oh another i wanted to ask for is like a collar widener/strecher for my shirts. talk to elder cliffords mom. he has them. basically its something that you put between your collar button and where the button goes. and so it closes your collar but doesnt button it. entendeste?  haha well try to get that for me please. i kinda grew out of a lot of my shirts neck wise. or and some compression or boxer shorts for pday when were playing ball. using garments for that is really really annoying and hotter and sweatier and just disgusting. so if you could send some of those.  okay. 

so tyler happy birthday man! hope it was a good one. one year old and hopefully wiser. still waiting on one of my two letters that I get from you on my mission. and where is jase at? is he in college? weeeeird. 

paige happy birthday tomorrow! I’ll write you a separate email. 

sooo lets see. ya this week... was kinda in the toilet. We tried really hard to work hard and have a lot of lessons... but angolans man! thats something im having difficulty with. you know we have are goals that were trying to get and then someone elses agency causes us not to reach them and i feel that its my fault and then i feel like a slap missionary and blah blah blah. soo whatever. im just going to keep going. working praying and working and praying. and hopefully things will just work out. 

although marcia my favorite investigator is probably the coolest angolan i know. i LOVE teaching her because she is soo intelligent and just has common sense. not to mention she is sooooo dang responsible! she schedules with us now not us with her. and she tells us if she’s going to be late or if we have to move the day. and what questions she has. man i cant even tell you but it is soo nice teaching her. its paradise! 

on the other hand we have this couple. and their parents are members of the church. annd gosh dang it they are too angolan for their own good. soo I schedule 4 different appointments with them. and each time I asked them when they had time and when they didn’t have work. and 4 different times they cancelled and blamed us for bad planning and are like "nunca mais" which is like you never come over anymore! and I’m like "its not my flippen fault! i try" I don’t really say that but that’s what I think. and then they don’t come to church and I just have no will to try to work with them. fogo. possas! so yeah... that’s one of the things that happened like that this week; with like 5 different people. just very very frustrating. and it’s happened my whole mission but never this bad and soo concentrated within one week. so  yeah... we had a lesson where like the whole family was drunk... hahaha that was quite the experience. hahaha what a bad day that was. 

so lets get to the good part. so the other day. we had an appointment at the freemans for dinner. an american family. they live in mutamba which is down town right by the board walk. so our day just turned out rotten. EVERYTHING DROPPED. very frustrating. and we had about an hour and a half before we had to go to the freemans. so we decided to just go down to the board walk and walk around making contacts. because lots of people walk down there. so we go down and were walking and we come up on a half court basketball court and these guys are playing. and then they start talking about us as we walk by thinking we dont understand. and so i say "oh yeah? lets play then" and they kinda freaked out a little but then theyre like yeah lets play! and so i was like give me a couple shots to warm up. so i put my bag down and talk a couple shots. airball.. eeeeeee. its been a while. and im just kinda messin around. cause this has happened before and i just kinda take a couple shots and leave. but then this kid gives me the ball and starts to guard me. and im like okay a little one on one alright. and im in missionary clothes tie and everything. so im like I can take this dude no problem. I’ll show ‘em how we do it in the states. so we start going and I miss my first shot get the rebound and then miss the second shot again! then he gets the ball. and psh he ain’t got nothin. I don’t let him score. and that kinda got him a little frustrated and riled up! so then I get the ball again. I fake. and then I slip. It’s  a slick court (ripped my pants too but whateves) but I keep my pivot foot down and pick up my dribble. and so now he is all over me! so I make a few pivots and pull up with the fade away..... SWISH!  and by this time there is a pretty big crowd and every one just goes "OHHHHHHHHHH!!!"  and i just walk off the court like yeah that’s whats up. hahahahaha it was so funny. Then they wanted to play 3 on 3. so me this portuguese guy and an angolan took on 3 angolans. yeah we won 30 to 2. I had 20 pts and 5 assists and 5 rebounds. so you know my stats were good in at least something this week! hahahaha its was great. Turned a bad day into one of the funnest experiences on my mission. and then we were all homies after and we made some contacts and I invited everyone to church. haha it was great. soo that was the week. 

glad October break was fun for yall! 

love you a lot! 
miss you all a ton! 
Elder Tingey 

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