Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Bday Mom! And My 1 year mark!


well first and foremost happy birthday to my wonderful and beautiful mother! i love you so much! you really are the greatest! 

second! im officially on the mission a year! hahaha and i was sick on my year mark. kinda  bummer. im still sick actually. not fun. at the beginning of the week i had a cold. it was bad. and then i must have eaten some bad food. because now.... well lets just leave it at bad food. but yeah. 

this week. went by fast. probably because i was sick and would try to sleep whenever i had a chance so i didnt have to skip a day of work. 

we have had lots of good things happen this week in missionary work. new people comming out of the woodworks. its nice. little miracles. we have this investigator his name was jamba and i swear he is just heaven sent. i kid you not like he is soo prepared! he comes to church on time and last week he wore a purple shirt but he saw taht everyone was wearing white. so in our next lesson he asked us about the church culture because he wants to to everything right. he has such a geniune desire to follow God its amazing. haha sometimes i wish i could be like that. but anyway this week he came to church just looking so fly with a white shirt and a purple tie and i was just like man youre a champ. he might give marcia a run for her money for my most prepared investigator. 

speaking of marcia. my recent convert. she gave a talk yesterday! haha on the law of chastity! i was so excited for her. and she did an amazing job i was so happy! thats just the best feeling when your recent converts just grow so strong right before your very eyes! so that was such a blessing.  

on saturday we had baptisms. daneilsa from a family i taught in benfica, got baptized. i baptized her brother two weeks ago. but it was so good to go to her baptism. she was the first one to gain a testimony. haha she wispered in my ear that she knew our church was true after our second lesson. she is such a great little girl. 
but while we were at the baptism so many people from the benfica branch came. like a ton of my recent converts. because they were going to practice for the primary program. lucas came up from behind me and gave me such a big hug! i love that kid so much! i swear we knew each other in the preexistence;)!  but then the last him was "i like to look for rainbows" which is like my favorite church song. and they were all singing it and ritas family and lucas sitting right next to me and they were all singing at it was so beautiful and the spirit was so strong i just had to fight back tears! i love that little branch soo much and they are so strong now! oh the miracles! the best miracles come after a long of diligence and patience. 

so good week. 

it sounds like the costa rica trip was a blast! i plan on going at the begining of december when i get home. got that dad ;)? love the picture of you mom and dad in the garden place. im printing it out. 
congrats jase! i hope you come here but i also hope you dont! hahaha visa problems are bad! and i dont want that to screw up your attitude about your mission! although it will humble you! haha
well i love you all! soo dang much! 

Elder Tingey

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