Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thanksgiving competitions!!


hahaha hello family. my family is the coolest. that music video was soo legit!

well this letter might be a little short. because i am not feeling
good. ive been sick all night. i was better all this week but i think
i ate something bad yesterday and it just wrecked me again. uggg.

but this week was a good week.

we had thanksgiving at presidents which was super fun. he rented out
the clubhouse at their apartment complex. the club house is super
super nice. anyway we all went there for the day and we had a soccer
tournament. that was really fun. the teams were by districts. we
called our selves the cassequel combras. haha we tried to intimidate
everyone. we would do the we will rock you think but we would go. bum
bum sssssss. hahaha it was funny. also to pysch people out sick
combras dont have legs we all shaved one leg. haha stupid. but fun.
unfortunately we lost in the first round in a heart breaker last
second shot that our goalie missed. oh well. so then the championship
was lubango vs benfica. benfica was stacked and so i wanted the
underdog lubango to win. i took it upon myself to be their number one
fan/coach and the heckler for the other team. it was great. i felt
like i was right at home yelling at the team and the refs ;). but hey
lubango won! victory! then we had a massive meal that was really
really good. and then we had skits. our skit was pretty funny i guess.
i had a major yelling part in it. go figure. i had to say the speech
from remember the titans were he’s like we blitz all night! so
thanksgiving was good.

then the next day we had kito and milocas wedding. finally! so the
wedding was at 15. but.... the bride didnt show up... awkward. typical
angolan she was late and she was still getting hair and make up done!
so the person that was doing the wedding had to leave so they
rescheduled for 18 that night. well long story short the wedding didnt
start till 2030. or 830 for you guys. frustrating... but progression
was made. they are married! and kito is getting baptized next week. as
well as our investigator jamba. so two baptisms next week.

jamba was really a miracle. he was sent straight from God. so
prepared. he is just ready to do everything for the lord. and he is a
very punctual smart angolan. hes going places.

oh all the way to kito and milocas wedding there was a shooting that
happened right in front of us. that was cool. probably about a total
of 5 gunshots. they were chasing each other and the guy behind pulls
out a gun and just starts shooting at him. it cause a huge traffic jam
cause they were in the street and yeah. not good. but a cool story.

also on saturday there were more baptisms. two of my investigators
from my first area got baptized. gizella and guilherme. that was
awesome because i worked a lot with both of them. in their testimonies
after words they both gave me a shoutout. that made me feel special.
but then i was kinda sad because i learned that they had both wanted
me to confirm them but i couldnt because i was in another branch. oh

well that was about the week. next week elder hamilton of the seventy
is coming to our mission and were having mission conference. haha also
elder hamilton and president are coming to our house on friday. elder
hamilton is having comp study with elder money and cafferty and then
he will walk with them for 2 hours. and president will do the same
thing with us. im excited. elder money on the other hand is freaking
out. haha its funny. i told him that they should try and quote elder
hamiltons conference talk as much as possible throughout the day.
hahaha see if he notices. and then next week we find out about
transfers. i pray i leave.

also yeah im fine with skyping on the 23rd. i still need to talk to
president about it. but im sure he will be fine with it. I could be in
a province for christmas.... i kinda hope so. also i dont want to
skype at presidents. so yeah ill get back to you next week. especially
since i will know transfers then. well i love you guys!

paige i got your letter this week. and tommy i got yours as well!
sister larsen thanks for the updates on the other missionaries.

guys, try not to have to much fun without me ;) haha my family is so
fun. love you lots!

Elder Tingey

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