Monday, January 27, 2014

It's Christmas All Over Again!!!

Jan 20, 2014
well hello everybody. como é? ta tudo fixe? its funny because i write austin (turley) and he has a hard time understanding me. mostly because i write slang to him that doesnt exitst in brazil.

but anyway things are going well here.

well to start off the week elder mccune got transfered to Luanda. so he left tuesday morning. so we were in a tripla for 4 days basically. triplas are horrible for the work.  so numbers were wayyyyyyyy down this week but tudo bem. i like the guys in my tripla so its fun. just not ideal missionary work group. oh and dont go tracting like that! its like the us goverment is coming to arrest you!

but on thursday we recieved a package from luanda....  a very sacred package.... ALL OF OUR CHRISTMAS PACKAGES AND LETTERS!!!!!!!!! oh it was a great day! MAIL! so i got all those. thank you everyone. thanks to my family and extended family. also the young women in the ward. you girls are awesome! and also thanks to the Tingeys next door. flip when i got your card i was whoa... i forgot how much i miss them. i miss you guys a lot! also thank you to the kerrs and turleys and Macdonalds for your christmas cards! and if i missed anyone thank you!

well this week before elder mccune left we had been playing a game called the great dalmuti. its basically like scum but a little bit better. anyway we had this running tournament going up to 20 wins. elder mccune was at 19 wins and well basically i came back from 13 wins to beat him to 20. it was quite epic. and im writing this and it doesnt even sound cool. i guess you had to be there.

what else... oh i taught the lesson in priesthood this week... um...   we didnt have that many lessons this week so not to many spiritual experiences. but yesterday we were contacting! haha fun huh? but anyway these guys were like oh yeah come in have a seat and then the neighbor lady was satanic or something and was like no dont give them chairs to sit down they want to brain wash you. blah blah blah. their jws. and i said we werent and then she got sassy with me and told me that we just wanted to swindle them out of there money. hahaha and then i was like actually we are representatives of Jesus Christ. and well i dont know if she didnt believe me or what but she got offeded at me. and turned up her nose. i felt bad. then another lady didnt accept anything but the bible ( classic) so i was okay explained further and she want anything to do with us. so i offered a pamphlet. she reminded me that she doesnt accept anything but the bible. okay lady its a dang pamphlet. then i offered our card with our number with a picture of Jesus Christ! i dont know how much more bibley i could get than that (uh do you want my bible with my number on the inside? haha jk ) and she rejected the card hard core.

so thats when i learned that my charity and love for this people is growing. because i usually would have been frustrated and annoyed but i just walked away really sad because i knew she was missing out on so much.

well thats about the week. i love you all!  keep ctring

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I am eating a fruit called maracuja. It’s a passion fruit. It’s PACKED  with vitamin c; more than an orange and its sooooooo sour. So you pour a bunch of sugar in it, mix it up, and then you have dessert!

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