Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello Family!


hey again!

it was really fun to talk to you guys on skype!
Hannah i just want you to know that i love you and i will talk to you more!

okay first of all wowzers. what a christmas you guys had! flip! i
thought the world would end before i saw the day my family would get
cable! make sure we get dvr too! and then all the other cool presents
you guys got. geez i hope next years is pretty good too (chevy truck
with a lift kit, ahem) ;)

but there really isnt much to say this week. i made a recording.
marissa you have to make sure the file is in mp3 not m4a. otherwise i
wont be able to listen to it. so i didnt get to listen to the one you

well christmas was fun. our trip to lubango was tons of fun. being
with other elders. making a fun music video. going to tundavala was
sooooo cool! so cool! youll see the pics. then we got back to huambo
after a long 8 hour bus ride. its smelt too.. kids with dirty
diapers... yuck. but we finally made it back.

on sunday i gave a talk on patience which went well. its easier to
give a talk to people who are new to the gospel than to people who
have know it since they were born. aka back at home. and it helps when
there are only 30 people too. btw how is our new chapel? that will be
weird to come back to.

then after church and lunch all of our lessons fell through and my
will to work was about at zero. and this is one of those times where
you take a lesson from jason aldean and "dig a little deeper when you
think you cant dig no more". so i was like well lets go tell some
people about the gospel! so we went door contacting. met some funny
people. a prophet apparently. and utlimately yesterdays work went
well. we contacted for 2 hours got 3 lessons from it 6 contacts and 1
new investigator. not bad for going from a horrible day to a pretty
good day.

and thats about the week!

to answer your questions mom, huambo has a lot higher standard of
living. people actually have legitamate houses or apartments. but
there are still some areas that have the mud/cement huts. the work is
a lot harder here. but i like it better here. feels more like home and
im not stressed at all. i decided i hate big bustling cities. i like
calmness and the suberbs or even better.... the ranch :)

well i hope you all have a great new years! darin..... dont waste  the
first one! ;) hope you guys can listen to the tape that elder chandler

well love you guys!

Elder Tingey

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