Sunday, January 19, 2014

'Tis the Season!!

Well family. Merry Chritmas! i cant believe its already christmas. wow. im comming home soon.... hahaha jk. i still have lots of work to do! we gotta get this city of Huambo strong! Ether 12 27.

glad you all made it to california safely. although why am i just hearing about uinta having puppies now? 

well i tell you about the week quickly. we did a lot of contacting. some of it was successful. (OH MY GOSH TAYLOR SWIFT IS PLAYING IN THIS CYBER CAFE AND I CANT CONSENTRATE!)
my comp is funny when it comes to contacting. social skills are out the window. Luckily God blessed me with a gift of smiling and easily talking to people. so i make it fun. the best is when you get them smiling and laughing. then you know youre friends. anyway so we had some random lessons with contacting.

oh last week when president and sister were still here. i was talking to sister merrill and telling her the story of the ten claws of when i was little and dad read it to me and then he had this freaky laugh (remember dad?) and i got scared out of my mind. and so know im scared of old ladies at night. so then i went down to have my interview with president which went well. and i was coming back up the stairs when sister merrill scared the living daylights out of me and i almost punched her! she was laughing sooo hard. l was legitimatly scared! then the next day she said she was sorry but then she said she wasnt really. so i told her to watch her back because im going to get her!

we had a christmas party this week as a branch. it was really fun and good. Africans dont really celebrate christmas that well.  but it was still fun. we (the elders) sang at the end and we rocked of course and then elder mccune dressed up as santa or pai natal. which is really funny because he is the skinniest one.

then yesterday we were doing some visits to less actives and we ran into brother benito and his family (they are members). they were making visits to the less actives as well! i was like whoa! these people know what the gospel is about! it made me so happy to see them doing that. more people in the states need to do that.

well did jase get his call yet?

i cant wait to skype you guys! i hope everything works good. have lots of fun without me! the first pic is of me and nefi (nephi literally) as is the second. the third is with sister lasolete and sister maria da silva. Both some of my favorite old ladies who love me. both members that were here at the begginning. and the last one is of marcia. my champ new convert.

well i love you guys we will talk more on christmas! its going to be awesome!

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