Sunday, January 19, 2014

estao a falhar

estao a falhar
hello brothers and sisters and extended family. according to my email account i dont have parents.

but hello

this week was a good week i guess. we worked hard and were blessed. we got lots of lessons in saw a few miracles. they may not be to some but they are miracles if you really look. even me. i have to look for them other wise i dont see them. small but they are there. um well not to much to say. about lessons or investigators. except marcia. she is a champ. she got baptized like 3 weeks ago now. anyway she just got a calling to be a primary teacher and she is speaking in church about the law of chastity next week. hahaha so thats gonna be fun. she is really straight up in lessons with her questions. and our last lesson we had to clear up some missconseptions that some mormons have and the way they have some crazy doctrine thats false. haha like birth control. first she asked us if mormons are supposed to have lots and lots of kids. because thats what someone told her. so we pulled out true to the faith (the best book ever) and showed her the part where the number of kids you have and when to have them is between you your spouse and the lord. haha and then shes like so is birth control not allowed? well lets go to that topic in the book. (although the church leaves that part very vague) eventually i just had to say it straight up. YeS you can! funny girl. she just turned 23 and well she is hot on the mormon angolan market.

and we have a marraige in two weeks. our investigators kito and miloca. they are champs and have been waiting on marriage for about a year. they invited us to there marraige so that should be fun. then they are getting baptized the next week.

okay some things that i wrote down from the week. mom... yes i am failing at taking my vitamins.... i used to but they taste horrid and they messed with my faxes. you know what im saying? i like sending faxes to be simple and easy. when they get complicated... aiaiaiai.

but so grandpa actually we get fed by the members about everyday here in my branch. they love us. and we get a lot of food. haha so funny story. whenever we got to lunch, elder money in my district always likes to ask some funny questions to the little girls or even teenage girls and every time is the same answer and he dies! anyway the questions are always who will marry the prettiest girl? and they always choose me out of everyone in the district (obviously its because they know i work the hardest ;) ) and then he asks okay who is smartest? and that answer always varies. but then at the end he always asked which of us is the best looking or the handsomest. hahahaha and it kills him that they point at me everytime! haha its way funny. so then he says okay excluding elder tingey who is it? and then they always pick him. haha way funny.

so i had a dream this week. africans are big on dreams so ill tell you guys this one. in my dream i finished my mission and went home and everyone was like yay you finished blah blah blah. and i thought to myself is this real? did i really? and then in the dream i almost convinced my self that it was real. and then i started thinking i was like wow they are really right when they say taht it flys by! and then i thought wow my mission was small and i was never dl or zl or anything. hmm weird. then it clicked that elder y was my last comp and that i was at my year mark when i was with him. and then it clicked and i knew i was dreaming and i woke up screaming "NOOO!!" hahaha and it woke up elder y and he was way confused. hahaha i hate those dreams.

so i was wondering if on the christmas list i could ask for a new family calendar and a head lamp. mine broke. that would be wonderful.

so some crazy things ive seen in the past 24 hours. a crazy big fat guy who thought he was a wizard walked infront of a bunch of girls at the bus stop yesterday, opened up his robe and flashed all the girls and they all screamed and ran away and he just walked off like nothing happend. hahahah it was pretty funny.

and then today there was a knife fight at the big bus stop. this little guy had the knife and he was trying to get this really big guy who didnt have anything. and all the angolans are crowding around and when the fight moves toward them they all run screaming but then they all come back to see it. and then oh this is what makes me mad. there were like 5 police officers all around and then were all just watching with furoed brows. like hmmm i wonder what we should do. ahaha geez. thats how the police are here. its bad.

well thats about the rap. we are teaching lots of people who choose to use their agency to be lazy! and it kills me. you know its really not that hard to understand satans point of view with taking away everyones agency. hahaha but obviously thats not a good thing.

troy i got your letter with all the other family letters in it. thank you soooo much. i really appreciated that and gave me a big boost. and i really liked your letter. it was good to hear. gave me some inspiration. ah the life of a missionary. work hard come home, humble yourself, be obedient,  plead with the lord, and then go out and do it all again. and thats the recipe for success. we have a couple of motivational speeches in our house that i like to listen to. there is a quote that i think really applies to everything including missionary work. it goes when you are willing to sacrifice what you are for what you will become, then you will be successful. sacfice your pride and all that stuff to be what you want to become. which is more like the savior. as will smith says just decide. just decide and then take that first step.

well love you all. even you parents who dont write me.

Elder Tingey

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