Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Day at the MTC

Nov, 14, 2012

Dear Familia!

I’m alive, ha.  So Mom, I want you to type this letter up and put it on the blog, K?  So I met another Portuguese speaking Elder in Phoenix.  He is going to Portugal but I forgot his name already, you know I’m bad with names.  But he’s in my Zone.  At In-n-Out in Provo I met another Angola Elder.  His name is Elder Banta.  He’s from Idaho.  He’s my roommate.  There are 4 of us Angolan Elders in the whole MTC.  There’s me, Elder Drudge (my Companion), Elder Banta and Elder Mccune.   Both Elder Drudge and Mccune are from Utah.  Morgan and Clinton respectively.  Elder Drudge, he’s pretty cool.  Nice guy.  I feel like I know him from somewhere before but he just has one of those faces that looks like 3 of  my other friends put together or something, you know what I’m sayin?  Nahmean?  Okay one of the coolest things was putting on my name tag.  The feeling that came over me when I put it on was just awesome.

I also met another Elder who’s in my zone that is from El Dorado Hills, CA and knows the Porters (Greg, Mason, etc.)  And I’ve seen a lot of guys from home which is nice.  Elder Barcus, Elder Skinnner (well, he came w/me), Elder Ganley (Max), and Elder Oldroyd (Trent) found me which was awesome and really nice of him.

Man they really just throw you into things here.  We taught former investigators (who are now members) but it was more like learning about the investigator individually and figuring out a route to take to get to a gospel principle.  So like find out about them, some of their traits and then use that to go into a gospel principle that they needed to hear for their situation.  Man, I’m telling you, these Elders just did not get the concept.  They were trying so hard but all they kept doing was just throwing gospel principles at them, not really relevant to the situation and ah, anyway it was frustrating to watch.  So finally I got up and asked the investigator a few more personal questions that needed to be asked and then we could finally see the route that we needed to take.  (It’s really cool because you can literally feel the Spirit guiding you.)  The sisters get it a little more because they’re older and more mature.  But they also think they’re better than us.  Well at least some of the them.  It’s kinda weird, maybe because I’m officially a missionary now but the sisters…are actually cute.  Weird.  Also I think I might be getting a little jungle fever…Ha!  JK, it’s probably nothing.

I love you guys so much!  Miss You!  I’ll send pictures probably every two weeks if I can’t send them through email.  Also, my P-days are Friday so that’s when you’ll get an email.

P.S. Apparently halfway through our stay here at the MTC, us Angolans go to New York for a day or two to go to the consulate for our visas.  Cool huh?!

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