Friday, November 23, 2012

First Pday!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Nov. 26, 2012

ola familia! 
k so first email! geez pday took forever to get here. i have the last pday. which is friday. and my grammer and puntuation on here is going to be... bad. because im trying to go super fast cause i only have 30 min! feel free to correct it. k so the week has been alright. you know just getting ajusted to everything. sometimes i get homesick at night. but during the day im fine. i just dont like being in class when its dark. the language is ... coming. i guess. im mostly able to understand what my investigators are asking and i know the answers to their questions but i just dont know how to speak portuguese! but with patience, faith in the lord, obedience, and working hard it will come. k darin, you gotta be careful with your body man! dont get hurt! how was your first game? write me a dear elder i wanna know all about it! i saw the harrisons here on sunday last week and that was nice. umm what else. oh yeah all the packages im getting.. thank you everyone! seriously its awesome! but the first week is over, so now i dont need food. seriously i love it but its too much! everyone gets food around here so theres plenty to go around! so dont send me anymore k? thanks! Okay, you wanna know what stinks? you cant listen to music at the mtc! im dying! like serious withdrawls. its depressing so i just sing to my self the hymns. singing before devotional is probably my favorite part of the week. i love it! its just so comforting to sing ya know? oh and i miss country music too. theres some elders in my district that like country too. so sometimes i just break out into song haha! the other day during service i just busted out singing angel eyes and everyone joined in with me and we were cleaning the showers so the sound was amplified! so sick! hahahaha made my day! 

So happy thanksgiving everyone! just fyi i had an amazing one. the mtc is pretty good about making us feel like a family on holiday's. so in the morning we had a devotional and Elder Holland and his family came! it was awesome! and we had a little program in the morning and elder holland is just a boss and the spirit was really strong! during the devotional there was a part where the spirit just overcame me and it was amazing. super spiritual expereince i had that was an answer to my prayers. (mom im going to write to you about it in detail). so after that we had thanksgiving dinner which was suprisingly good.... then we did a first thanksgiving skit type thing and then after that we did a humanitarian service project putting kits together for none other than the great people of AFRICAAAAAA!! What up!!. So Elder Dredge (my companion if you didnt know) says i should do a speacial musical number... idk. maybe.. oh i forgot! to end the night we all went in the auditorum with the presidency and we thought we were going to have another devotional but they passed out huge bags of popcorn to all of us and were like wha?? but then we watched 17 miracles! it was sooo tight! such a good spiritual movie! 

oh last sunday we watched a talk the elder bednar gave at the mtc on christmas last year. SOOOOOOOOOO FREAKINGGGG AMAZING!!!! so dang good. all about the character OF Christ. like seriously try to find it and watch it or read it cause it is bomb. that goes for everyone reading this email/ blog. Tingey's i want letters from you! especially paige. tell her to send me a dear elder. Blake and Travis, holy heck i miss you guys like for real. my brothas from anotha motha all in the same family! k it sounds like were poligamist but whatever. were not. blake tell me how youre doing in sports (you too trav) and send me stuff about how the nba is going. Darin send me pictures of your games and write and tell me about them. Seriously mail is the best part of my day. Babes, hannah, i miss you little girls! i cant just kiss you guys when youre so darn cute! babes thank you for that one letter it was awesome! hannah, its youre turn now. Marissa i miss you so. dang. much. im writing you a letter though. K i need addresses. addresses for EVERYONE. seriously give me all you can think of. make sure you update my blog too! My companion and i are doing a lot better. were learning to love each other and all that jazz. I just love all the elders in my district! and i get concerned for them a lot. like A LOT. but theyre great ill send some photos. K gotta go love you lots! freaking write me a long letter next time family! ask me questions!
tudo bem!

LOVE ( like freaking hecka crazy, so much you dont even know, like not joking in the least)

Elder Tingey

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