Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Second Letter Home

Received November 20, 2012

Holy cow I miss you guys!  But, Tudo Bem! That's like the Portuguese phrase to say.  it means "All is well."  It's a question, a greeting, and an answer so everyone uses it.

Marissa, a bunch of Elders here have the hots for you!! Mom, don't send me a weekly email till I get out in the field.  Use Dear to send it.  That way I don't have to waste any of my precious 30 minutes, reading it.  Babes, thank you so much for your letter! I loved it so much! It made my day.  I miss you so much too!  My companion is good. No, he's not gross, he's just.....the typical Utah mormon.  Follows every rule with over exactness.  It's annoying! But I'm learning to love him! Except I'm pretty sure he gave up his personality for 2 years...or he doesn't have one. Haha. Whatever. Elder Maggitigan and Elder O'Malley (He's from England) are the coolest! They are going to Portugal.

DARIN S TINGEY!!!!Be careful man!  Don't be rollin' ankles!! I'll pray for you man!

Yeah, I talked to Megan Skousen! That was good, just really comforting.  I finally saw Robbie yesterday.  I was getting worried that I wouldn't see him.  The elder I met at In-n-Out isn't my companion but he's in my room and my district.  Did I mention that I'm district leader?  How's my blog coming? Man, I'm going so fast, I can't spell!  Make sure you keep my blog up to date okay?!!  I'm worried about that!

Mom....I knew this was going to happen!!  When you the HP printer @macuser k?  Hopefully, that should fix it for you if you haven't already figured it out!  As for the photo you are looking for, I thought it was on the laptop but if not I know it's on my iPod hard drive.  But I'm worried about you messing with that!  I think that picture is on FB too, download it from there.

Dad, thank you so much for your letter!! I LOVED IT! Tell the Tingeys I miss them and tell them to write me letters!

Mom, Happy Birthday!  I love you so much!  You'r the best mother ever!  I can't thank you enough for every thing you've done.

Okay, I'm about to pound my companion, he won't shut up about how bored he is and so he keeps repeating stupid Portuguese phrases and trying to have an accent! So annoying!  I want to get out in the field so bad!  It's a voluntary prison here.  Just 8 and a half more weeks. HA! What a joke! Make sure to put this on my blog!!!

Hannah, Draw a picture and send it to me PLEASE! Tell Grandma and Grandpa Stoker thank you for the cookies!  I can't wait for Sunday Temple walk and choir practice.  I'll get to see other people!

So, the Stake President called it when he talked about my companions being the hardest part! I love everyone in my district but SOME are harder to love!  What ever! It'll come.  Probably on the New York trip! I'm stoked for that!

Anyways, I am so blessed, I love you guys. Thank you so much for writing me.  It kills me to give out the letters to the Elders and some of them don't get any.  It just breaks my heart.  Maybe for FHE the girls can all draw a picture for every Elder in my district? There's 12 of us.  It's okay if you can't.  Okay I gotta go kill my companion real quick! :) Love you So much!!

Elder Tingey
P.S. I have like no one's address.  Especially Tyler's.  If you can get for me as many as possible that would be awesome, thanks!

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