Monday, February 11, 2013

It's A Party In Africa!!

Hello Hello!
How’s my biggest fan base doing? Good obviously! I love you guys. Well this week was interesting! But, first things first. Dad idk (I don’t know) if you meant to write your email in Portuguese, but don’t. I’m not that good at Portuguese to read it that fast! So I translated it with Google... and got the jist of it.

Hannah! My cute baby girl! Happy Birthday! Oh my goodness you’re so old, I was remembering last night when you were just little! Like holy cow I feel like a parent. Where did the time go? Gosh you’re so cute! I want you to meet my little black bro. His name is Lucas. He’s Rita’s son and he is 6. He is so awesome! I love that cute kid. I’m going to take a picture with him he is so cute.  And he has a little motor mouth! He puts me to shame it’s sad! But Rita is progressing really well! She comes to church every week with her daughter and she reads every time. Ah! She is just a solid investigator. I just get so excited when investigators keep their commitments. It’s so awesome! I just can’t wipe the smile off my face!

This week the Kretlys, (the actual mission president and his wife) came to town from Mozambique with Elder Cook, from the Quorum of Seventy, for a mission tour and district conference. It was really good. We had a zone conference with Elder Cook on Friday and Elder Cook was just teaching us all this solid stuff and he just randomly was like “Elder Tingey, I need your help; come up here and let’s be companions and were going to do a role play of this and that.” Holy freak! I was scared out of my mind! I’m new! Like, I’m going to mess up! I was sweating and praying so hard! Haha! But it went good. Haha and then at the end of our literally 30 min role play he asked who all the new elders were and I raised my hand and he laughed and was like wow, you did good! But he is just such a stud. He talked to the wards and basically chastised them for not working better with the elders. But then on Sunday he just threw down some solid meat. He talked about how important it was that the husbands spend time with their families. It’s soo important that they do that. And then he talked about how important it was that the husbands love their wives and how the husbands need to be way better with treating their wives better. He shared a story about how President Packard told all the 70 that they need to treat their wives better and that they weren’t doing good enough. He told that to the 70! Like that is just sooo important to treat women with respect. Not just here in Africa, but everywhere. He shared a story about how he noticed some things his Dad did that weren’t bad but just didn’t make his mother the top priority. Anyway, his dad ended up leaving the family. It was a sad story, but it showed the power and the importance of how husbands need to treat their wives and how the husbands need to initiate it. Not the wives. Oh man, Elder cook is just so awesome!

Speaking of district conference a bunch of people want to contact Uncle Earl through email and they keep asking me. So if you want to give me that (you don’t have to but) it would be nice.

Oh, btw,(by the way) it’s a party in Africa. This week is the start of Carnival. Yeah, I’m getting no sleep. Seriously, on Saturday, the neighbors partied ALL freaking night until 630! Gosh. gotta love ‘em.  I forgot my planner and I’m mad! I had stuff written down that I wanted to write! Oh well. Oh, Dad, about that KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) article. I didn’t read it but KFC is like the ONLY American restaurant here. Like, I almost can’t believe it. I’ve only seen two in Luanda. Actually, I think there are only two anyway. But it’s expensive. Ugh, just like everything. It’s really annoying. Let me just kinda show you how expensive stuff is here compared to Mozambique. We get more than twice as much money per month than them.

Oh, but Dad, there are soooooooo many taxis here and it hit me; Taxi Top advertising here! Boom! Big money! Oh, and I was talking to this guy, John yesterday, he’s from Portugal, and speaks English. Holy cow so many people speak English. But anyway, he had a sweet suit and he said it was only 70 bucks in Portugal! So basically, on my way home, I want to go to Portugal and get some suits. Like they have nice suits here but they’re up the wazzu expensive! And they’re all imported anyway. Actually, when I come back, my suitcases will have nothing but African stuff in them!

K, one thing here that is just nuts and I’m really sick of it, is just the porn everywhere. It’s just annoying! Freaking chato.! But its strange, I feel safer here in Africa. Haha, like I’m away from the "world" when in fact I’m more in it. But I’m a missionary so I’m protected! Whaaaat! Take that Satan! Yeah, try having another African slut throw herself at me and see what happens! (happens all the time btw) yeah Nothing!
Anyway, now that I’ve rattled on about that....

Austin! You’re finally going to the MTC! Haha ‘bout time! Thanks for the shout out bro! I miss you! We would be awesome comps and I’m glad your speaking Portuguese!
Well, peeps, I’m almost out of time and I gotta go shopping. Thanks for the recipes btw.
Oh wait! Haha! when the Kretlys came they gave me a bunch of Dear Elders from G and G Stoker! Haha they sent them to me while I was in the MTC but the pressed the wrong button and it went to the mission home in Mozambique. Haha, but it was nice to read them and hear from them. Thank goodness for having grandparents! (that aren’t too tech savy haha!)
Alright love you all!
Elder Tingey

P.S.  If you want to send a letter, use an international airmail stamp. It will get here faster. And PLEASE send them! haha

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