Monday, February 18, 2013

My Pet Parasite Named Jim!

My Pet Parasite named Jim!!!

February 18, 2013

Oh today is a good day. Hello family! and friends, and fans :)
So this week.... bleh!!
As you can probably tell from the subject (which is to be the title of the entry on the blog please) I have a pet! His name is Jim and I take care of him and feed him everyday. He likes to play around a lot, but honestly, it’s just not that fun when he wants to play... he is a parasite! He lives inside of me! hahahahaha So yeah, I got sick this week. (...(fetal position) don’t kill me mom!) It was pretty bad. ( freaking chato the power just went out! and I lost like half of this email!) Anyway, yeah it was bad. On vday (Valentine’s day) I was fine, we had some awesome lessons then we went over to president’s to get some supplies and they had us eat dinner there and I asked Sister Thompson what the symptoms were for parasites and when she told me I was like shay! (shay is an Angolan word used for like "what the!" or just a surprised moment, and its awesome because it’s not even bad and it’s so fun to say!)  and then boom! Right after we left their house I got chills and a fever and before we made it back to our apartment I had lost my dinner and lunch and breakfast and I was sitting of the side of the road. Talk about gross. Then I threw up 4 more times that night, and the runs for forever yatayatayata basically I’ve been in bed from Thurs night till this morning. yeah it sucked. I think I had something other than the parasite too. But, I killed Jim with a pill... he o.d.ed if you know what I mean... Ha! So this week wasn’t exactly the best. But man I’ll tell you what, getting sick here trunks you out of your mind! You’re just like ooohhh this sucks, I miss my mom.. I want my mom.. my mom was so nice to me when I was sick. She did so many things for me.. owwww...I miss clean water... I miss air conditioning... I miss electricity...I miss American food that is safe to eat..... yeah, you get the point. So mom Thank you sooooo much for all your years of loving service to me. I love you so much! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we’ve been without energy for the past week. Kill me. I think if I had energy, and clean water... I would be happy for the rest of my life. If that’s all I had I would be happy. Ha I sound pathetic Haha. Anyway, I still got the runs. yeah Dad I know what you mean when you say “Carry tp with you! Good thing I took that advice! The other day my planner almost became tp! Yep, I’m having quite the experiences! 

Oh, so you know how I’ve been trunky, like the whole week when I was sick, because you know there’s only so much studying you can do before you go nuts. Anyway, I was really really really missing country music. Like really missing it. I miss it sooo much! But! God gave me a blessing! Our neighbors were having a wedding party (which was insanely loud and I didn’t sleep that night) and they played a Shania Twain song and I was like, wait a second...! This is country! And I got up and like started running and screaming with joy and singing to it! And just relishing it! Oh, it felt sooo good! It was sooo great and then when the song was over I went back and lay in bed because I felt like crap after doing all that. But man I was sooo excited!  Oh, and then last night I couldn’t sleep and I had a serious trunkfest about the ranch. Oh I miss the ranch! Seriously, Grandpa Tingey, I think I can seriously say that I love the ranch the most out of all the grandkids. Seriously, tears came because I was thinking how I would miss two summers there.. Oh, that was sad. And horses. I want to ride a horse so bad. So Grandpa.. you can never sell the ranch! Except to me if you want. I decided that I’ll probably have to live in Utah because I want to be really close to the ranch. sooo yeah. 

Oh and since I couldn’t sleep last night, I created like 5 companies in my head... I got some seriously good ideas. Do-able ideas too. I got a notebook to write them down in. But enough of being trunky! I got work to do! (Whenever you want to get pumped to do missionary work just watch the district, works every time!)

So Grandpa Stoker, Happy Birthday! You rock! Seriously, I love you, thanks for all you’ve done for me. Jase, it’s your bday today! Dude, I was thinking.. I probably won’t see you for a long time. Sooo have a freaking awesome birthday! 

Yes, Mom, I can get milk and eggs and vegetables and fruit. Different ones come in periodically. I made hashbrowns the other day out of a potato... unfortunately, I didn’t get to digest them. But yep, I can get tomato sauce and all that good stuff. I stay away from the meat because its just sketchy sometimes...  but yeah send those things. President hasn’t nixed the packages yet! So send them while you can! Just know to put some money into my account because it costs a little bit to receive them sometimes. And Mom, no one sent me recipes, I was being sarcastic!

Oh yeah, that zone conference we had last week was in Hotel Talatona. Holy freaking nice!!! Like there were Ferraries outside in the parking lot.. Yeah. I got a pic. Um, yes, I have a twin size bed. It’s nice. Not a bunkbed. Yes, I got Elder Montgomry his stuff when he came to the conference. 

K whoa. No, I sent a suit home. Did you never get the stuff I had sent to Tyler?! Nooo! I love that suit! Find out! Clothing is working out good. I use 5 shirts and 3 pants. When the energy is on, with all the phases … I can take a warm shower, but mostly, it’s cold bucket showers. Btws, (text language for “by the way”) I made a shower in my head for when I get home.. It’s sooo legit. It’s hot at night. It’s not bad if you open the windows but then the mosquitos come in and we don’t have nets. Yes, there are bugs. Big and small. I keep our place pretty clean so we don’t get them. But, our water tank has some serious roaches in it. It’s gross when you pull up a bucket of water and they are all there to greet you! No snakes yet! 

Dad,on an average pday (missionary language for prep day, the day off) get up, pray (ha! duh) clean the place, go play futbol, do internet, go shopping, play bang or monopoly deal; then have FHE (Family Home Evening) at the end of the day. But, President is trying to put together a Safari and I’m stoked! 

Hannah, I have been eating rice and beans and pasta. I’m sick of it! And we don’t have members do meals for us except sometimes on Mondays or Sundays, because we have no members in our area! 

Sounds like Marissa had quite the Vday. Made up for my horrid one! Dad, ha! That would be crazy if I saw you here in Angola! Do the interview! But after this sickness, I decided I’m living in the states! You know what’s weird. Marissa will be in college when I get back! Shay! Ah, so weird. Well, I love you guys. Missed you a lot this week! Babes, shout out to my girl! Darin, I love you bro! Be a stud in the gospel! Hannah, don’t grow up! You’re too cute! Marissa, I just miss you like crazy. Ah! Love you guys! Mas tudo bem! Tudo bem!

With love (African and Black of course!)
Elder Tingey
(And Jim...except I think he died!)
P.S. Dad when did you learn Portuguese??

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