Monday, February 4, 2013

What a Week!!


Wow, so much has happened this week! Hello everyone!
Tudo Bem?!
So.. wow.. so many emails this week and so little time!
First off you actually can send letters! I actually got one this week on the 30th and it was postmarked for the 27th. I was dumfounded. So thank you Berges for that letter!

Darin, Bra. Freak man I wish I could have been at that Red Mountain game! You’re a freaking stud! Oh man I’m just getting so excited sitting here reading about it! Oh sounds so fun. That’s the first thing I’m doing when I get home; going to one of Darin’s games. ahh!

haha I’m still laughing about my email last week. haha epic, but this week was crazy kinda. We moved into our new apartment! And it’s really nice. ahem "really nice" meaning that there are\were some huge kinks. So we’re the only ones in the whole building. There’s 5 floors. So some times we go to the "penthouse" at the top and its like a party house. haha. But, the Chinese who built it (they build everything here) wired it soo wrong. So anyway, Elder Walker and I did some serious jimmy- rigging and got our ac unit to work and the lights. I’ll try to send some pics of the place. Oh and the showers are like party showers but w\o water its pointless. Correction: without good water pressure. Oh, and our water in our water tank was filthy. Literally smelled like /&$%$ crap. So we got that cleaned out which took two days then the water guy said he was coming and didn’t show up till the next day and the whole time we had to wait for him because we can’t leave the place unlocked. Ugh, such a waste of time. Oh well though, it’s done now. Today, I cleaned the floors’ swept and mopped. The place is beautiful now. haha.

So as far as missionary work went this week, it was slow. Our investigators.. some are progressing.. others say they are but they’re not and well, there’s just lots of problems haha. And, the work is getting tougher! which is good because it’ll stretch me. And when the work gets tougher, it just makes the success that much sweeter!

Oh, okay, Elder Walker and I were walking; finding the borders of our area and wow, our area has nothing. haha We found a jungle. It was awesome. Like, legit African jungle in Luanda. So crazy! We gotta go back a take pics. You guys are going to love them! Like it’s amazing! There’s one I’m going to send and I’m on a cliff with jungle and beach and the ocean behind me. Like soo legit!

Yes Dad, I cook for myself. I need recipes. I’ve been living off of pasta, and rice and beans, and sandwhiches. Haha, but I’m experimenting with things! Sister Thompson is putting a recipe book together for us, so that will be sweet, but sometimes we get dinner invitations. Yeah, Grandpa, about what Uncle Earl said. Yeah, we don’t eat stuff from street vendors, but when someone offers us food in a lesson, whether it’s an investigator or a member, you gotta eat it. Usually, it’s not bad except funge. bleh.. gross. But don’t worry! I pray really hard over my food! A few times actually. Man, I’ll tell you, it’s the cleanest food around cause I bless it so much!

And Dad, we have a washer in our apartment. We jimmy rigged that too haha. Seriously, we had the thing like in pieces. And when we don’t have electricity we flush the toilet with water that we get from our tank (which is under the building.) We throw a bucket on a rope down there and bring up the water! haha It’s kinda fun doing that actually.

I love the pics! Darin is a stud in his jersey. Like oh my gosh, he is so legit! And Marissa, dang girl! Looking good! haha Guess what happened this week. I walk into our room and Elder Walker is like, “Hey, Elder Tingey... wanna be brother in laws?” Hahaha I busted up. All my comps love you! Well, I gotta run! Dad, sorry I didn’t answer that one question. idk. But there’s no where to play basketball. And they want us to focus on familyies more than anything. The mission here is about establishing the church more than anything. I love you all! Hopefully, I’ll have a little more time next week. I love hearing from you!

With lots of Black African love,
Elder Tingey

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