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WHOA!! January 28, 2013

Elder Nathan Tingey 
Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos S.U.D.
Caixa Postal 18404
Luanda, Angola

BOOBS. That’s all I have to say. hahahahaha jk. So funny though because seriously, I have never seen so many in my life as I have here. It’s ridiculous. Like, multiple times during lessons they'll just wip it out and start feeding their baby and your like well hello. haha I just laugh in my head. Oh, but funny story. So we’re teaching this woman and I totally thought she didn’t have any kids! Because she told us she didn’t ( she doesnt speak good english or portuguese she speaks clicky language.) Anyway, this kid just walks up to her while were teaching her and she holds him and then BAM there it is! Everything is out on the table! Me and Elder Walker just look at each other and I almost cannot hold it together and just about bust up laughing. Then she said that it was her kid and we’re like “oh, okay.” But we totally thought it was just a random kid on the street! Okay, anyway, on with the email.

Hello everyone! haha. So another week here in Africa. In HOT Angola! So it’s a little hard to teach because we have no copies of the Book of Mormon to give out. It’s horrible! We ordered 800 months ago and they’re still not here! But we do the best with what we have. Rita came to church again this week with her daughter. Booya! ha it was sweet. She finally understood the importance of being baptized by the correct authority. So she is gonna pray about it and then we'll go from there. Obviously she's gonna feel good when she prays about it, so basically, she'll be getting baptized soon and probably her whole family which would be SICK! Last Sunday we split the branch and made another. It was soooo needed. We had like 260 people in this building and it was just way too small. We have a few other investigators: Victor, Evandro and a few more but not enough time to write about all of them! 

So some stuff about Angola: There is trash everywhere, like everywhere. It’s gross! The people just have no respect for the land. Sad, really. Somebody could make some serious dough here if they set up a legit trash business. Especially because gas, especially diesel, is sooo dirt cheap! They love American music here. Mostly rap, r and b and hip hop. ha A lot of the taxies we get into have music playing and American swear words and the Angolan people have no idea what they mean and they just say them because they think they’re cool speaking English. haha Sad really. It’s amazing actually how many people here can speak English and they want to learn English too. So here is the deal with the whole power situation here. Angola only gets their power from this one dam. ONE! So basically it can’t sustain everyone. Sooo EVERYONE has a generator and runs their house off of that when the power goes out because gas is super cheap. I mean if any country should run off of generators it’s Angola! They have the means to do so! The nice houses have huge generators. Like, really big! 

So this week army dudes just started showing up everywhere. It was kinda freaky but it just means that the president is here in our specific area for something. Man, I’ll tell you it’s pretty legit when the president drives by. ALL traffic stops and these black cars with army trucks all in between them drive by and then they have a helicopter flying over them and there is just this guy hanging out the helicopter just chillin’ there with an ak47. haha it’s legit! 

So apparently, I talk in my sleep…. in Portuguese!!! Yes! haha and I remember the other night I had a dream in Portuguese, which does not mean that my Portuguese is good because it is horrible.  

So there is a member here, Irma Lasolet (idk how to spell it) but she knew Uncle Earl when he came here and she saw him in the DC temple when she went there. She was excited to see me it was cool. 

So to answer some questions: they have internet cafes that we go to so that we can email. To be honest, they’re not very good or fast. Like slow as tar! So today we’re at president’s house emailing because Elder Walker had to sign up for classes at BYU Idaho. Elder walker goes home at like the beginning of May. I think.  Ya, and the new investigators in our new area, we just invite them to the existing branches already in the city. 
We are with out power... mmm probably 30-40 percent of the time. You learn to take advantage when the power is on though. Fill up your water bottles with the purified water, take showers then, stand in front of the ac unit while you read your scrips. haha jk about the last one, we don’t have air conditioning! Yes, Mom, I’m taking my meds. Well, two of them and my Malaria medicine. Well I take them when I remember, which is about every other day. ahahah. I’ll do better!  I promise! All mail goes to president’s house. Sister Thompson said she would send it. Oh, and to answer your question about the people, rich people….well, the wealth varies I guess. A small house like about 1900 sq ft. would be millions of dollars here. Like a lot. A condo is in the millions as well, which is why all the senior couples that serve here are absolutely loaded! They’re from Brazil. umm what else….. 

Okay, There’s two games you guys need to get! They’re so fun. Bang and Monopoly Deal. They’re awesome. Oh did I mention that there’s now 9 elders in our house? Yeah it’s nuts. Oh and the air here is horrible. I feel like I’m in China there is so much smog! So I’m praying to the Lord that I don’t have lung cancer in a few years. hmm anything else? Oh yeah, Darin, way to go in bball. Grandma thank you for your email. I hope the trip is good! Grandma Tingey get better! AND my love and condolences go out to the Perkins family. I love you guys. Josh your a stud. Keep CTRing (choosing the right!) and the best is yet to come.

Mom, please give Mr. Hansen my blog info! That amazing math teacher needs to hear about what I’m doing here in Africa! Oh, speaking of which, Sister Thompson went on my blog the other day and I saw it and I was like whoa this is weird!!! haha I felt like I was at home reading about my own mission! Well family and friends, I love you all. You’re the best! Keep me posted about Paige please Carol!!! geez (2nd) mom!! haha. 
With much African love,
Elder Tingey

P.S. In the church choir we’re learning this African song. It’s sweet! 

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