Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello From Africa!!!!!

Hello from Africa!!!!!                                                      Jan.16, 2013

I’m here! and I’m like crying tears of joy! I seriously cannot stop smiling. like it’s hard. The flights were lonnnnnnng let me tell you. and they had like super nice TVs and stuff. man it was hard to refrain. They had music on them and everything and they had some quality country music and it took everything I had not to listen to it! but it was sooo nice to finally listen to Jericho road. man those are my home boys! Dad I think you’re going to be disappointed. My apartment from what it sounds like is going to be pretty nice. and there are 2 companionships per apartment which I am very happy about! I haven’t met my new comp yet but I know he’s from Utah. West Jordan I think. idk his name I forgot. Marissa thanks for the pics! Paige is set apart and probably leaving to the MTC soon. Sister Thompson said we're 8 hours ahead of Utah. sooo yeah.. we met these elders in the London airport coming home from France and they were just studs. like I better be that bold and awesome and just so full of charity when I come home! Oh it’s VERY humid here. It’s like a mix between what Rocky Point looks like and how Costa Rica feels. Little bit greener than rocky point though. But just the buildings and stuff.. all very similar. well tudo bem! Love you all! 

Elder Tingey

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