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What's up?!

January 4, 2012
Whats up Family!
so this week has been FREAKING cold! like 0 degrees cold! it was -8 this morning. Gosh im dying. But 1 more week and i will feel right at home in the nice hot sun! Also this week a serious institnal virus went on a mad rampage and destroyed half the missionaries! seriously we were dropping like flies. in my zone we have 12 go down in 1 hour. 1 hour! it was nuts! its still ongoing but the mtc has taken serious measures to stop it. Like serious. no handshaking. theyre cleaning the bathrooms and what not every hour! its crazy! speaking of my zone, i now have 81 missionaries in my zone. Crazy i know. Im so glad im leaving before this place becomes seriously packed! oh ! okay so on wednesday we got our second dos of the 19 year old sisters and whoa it was weird... they all looked so little! like just out of high school! haha weird! every one here thinks im like 20 something. i think its just cause im a zone leader though. Cause i thought my zone leaders were old. Elder dredge, well everyone thinks hes 15 haha jk but kinda. oh and funny thing they all think he has kissed like 30 girls! which is halarious because he wont tell them how many he's kissed! K so mom i need you to send back my memory card please and the ipod. thank you sooooooooo soooo sooo much for putting all that awesome gospel music on there! Oh and i need you to go through my ties and send me all the ones that are 100 percent poly! because i learned the silk one kinda "leak" in the humidity. Speaking of humidity i got my travel plans! im sooooo pumped! i mean you all know how excited i get when i get really excited, yeah it was like that! but im flying to dallas and then to london then to south africa then to maputo. Idk how long ill be in maputo before i go to angola. but im super stoked. But my total travel time is like 2 days and 5 hours or something like that. Yeah brutal i know. Oh! president emailed us all and said that elder cook is coming to tour our mission in feb! im so excited! he's coming to angola (luanda and lambongo) and were all going to get to meet and and he's going to interview some of us. Ill be sure to mention you Grandpa Stoker!
Hey marissa, so i saw r.j. haha but i also saw will barker! i talked to him for a little while. he's in the other portugues branch. I thought it was halarious how i came into the mtc before him by like a month and a half and he had his call WAY longer than i did. He's a cool dude. i like him a lot.
man i cant even think i just want to get out of here and go to angola! i feel good about the language but i know im not going to understand anyone when i get there. oh well ill learn.
Oh i forgot.. today is also a sad day. Another Elder from my district went home today. Man it was really sad. we had a district prayer last night in our dorms after class because the one elder was going home (dishonorably) and he asked me to say the prayer. so i was saying the prayer and wow i almost lost it at the begining of every sentance. its just so hard for me to see them go home cause i love them so much! so were down to 8 in our district.
Oh heres another thing, i spoke on sunday. In portuguese. yeah what up. haha it was good. i said everything i wanted to so that was good! haha i hadnt prepared because basically zone leaders never speak in sacrament meeting cause we do so much other stuff. and ususally they only have 2 missionary speakers but last sunday they decided to do 3. yep i was the 3rd. but it went good. One of the sisters asked me to give her a blessing tonight so that should be a good experience. Ill tell you this though. So nice to be able to say yes and be completely worthly to give a blessing when someone asks you. Just remember that every one.
I dont have enough time to write but i had a really special experience in the temple today. it was awesome.
well i have to go but write me dear elders and send me everything you want to because basically itll be the last time for 22 months! love you all! the gospel is true!
Elder Nathan Tingey

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