Sunday, January 13, 2013

last week! halafreakingluha!

January 12,2013

Last week! Halafreakingluha!

hello everyone!

my final week is over! im so excited! not gonna lie it was a little bit of a rough week because the mtc is changing schedules with everything so yeah. very frustrating. i was a little dissappointed, anyway. yeah i have a cold and im ticked about it. i didnt not want to leave to africa the least bit sick but oh well!

at the beginning of the week it was like 25 degrees. oh my i never thought i would love what 25 degrees felt like but it was just so nice and warm compared to -8. but now its cold again and it has been blizzards the past few days. oh this morning i hiked up to the temple, through the snow, freezing cold(!), in a blizzard. oh and i was uphill both ways. haha but yeah i felt like a pioneer. k im going to have tyler pick up my stuff. he should recieve a call from me or from the mtc this week. Mom thank you for the package oh and before i forget, grandma and grandpa stoker thank you so much for the christmas package! and the other package of stories you sent me. Grandma and Grandpa Tingey thank you for the tools! haha so awesome that you sent me a picture. Megan thank you for your package and the SWEET tie. everyone was jealous of it. speaking of packages the one with the family calendar in it. qualidade. serio. like good job (aunt tiff?) for putting that together. you know what i realized? we have a dang good looking family. seriously. and mom you are soo pretty! im just like yep thats my mom! thats why im beautiful! haha jk you look good too dad. People tell me all the time that i look like different celebraties. i get told that i look like anakin skywalker ALL the time. Probably 3 times a week. haha its always the sisters too. and someone told me i looked like a kid from newsies. i took that as a compliment because newsies is awesome.

speaking of the sisters here... the quality (of how good they look) is skyrocketing.. its quite scary. i feel bad for all the elders coming in cause they have to deal with these beautiful sisters and theyre on missions so it just makes them 10 times more attractive. sad day for them haha.

Mom. Thank you for singing. Thank you for always singing to me as a little kid and just always singing. you have such a pretty voice. i might make you sing to me when i call you. speaking of which im calling on monday from dallas proably around 12 your time. if everyone was home that would be sweet but if not thats fine. but back to the singing. my district is abosolutely terrible at singing. i am not even exaggerating. Like i cringe. i mean the good old elders try so valiantly but..... well ha enough said.

Girls. ALL girls. Long hair is the key to marriage. haha i had this talk with irma wells my teacher. she was thinking about cutting her hair and i was like heck to the no youre not! haha needless to say shes not cutting her hair anymore, she’ll be married soon because of it, she'll thank me and my work here is done. your welcome. hahaahahahahahaha.

Change is hard. but possible. The Lord is trying to humble me this week and im not taking it well haha. but im working on it. quick quote from elder mccune the other night: " i hate that we have christ like attributes... i'd rather just sit here angry." hahahaha amen brotha! IT is very hard sometimes but possible. wow the time flies on the computer here. gotta go but i get to call you soon! heck yes!!!  by love you all soo much!

Elder Tingey
P.s. i saw larry mecham on a missionary poster here in in-field orientation yesterday.
p.s. tell Bro stringfellow i love him and am praying for him. ill write him today.

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